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Hello  beautiful people. Thank you for stopping by. Janet Michelle dot com is a digital platform that celebrates women. Period!   It’s a place for sharing stories, lessons,  empowerment, education, and covering the boss moves women are making in business.   As a young girl, self expression or saying what was on my heart and mind always came at price. The cost was usually the crushing of my self confidence. When I became pregnant at the age of 15, my world grew smaller and the proverbial walls grew taller.   It resulted in me journaling a lot. In my journal I could say whatever I wanted. I could celebrate my wins, express my disapointments, and plan for better. 

In 2015, I got up the courage to start the blog janet michelle dot com  – a safe digital space. However, through the years, I realized that I didn’t want a place just for me as blogs tend to be focused on a indivuals journey. I wanted to share the space with others. So here we are. Thriving and evolving. The essence of a blog is still here.  As the platform grows, so will the voices and stories of many other women.  I firmly believe that controlling our narratives by telling our stories our way is very important, especially in todays climate. 

In 2018, the Janet Michelle  podcast launched as an extention of the brand. Now you can listen to  Janet Michelle dot com on the go. It’s available for download on iTunes, SoundCloud, and GooglePlay. 

I’m always looking for women to tell their truth, share their wins  and lessons on this platform. If that’s you, slide on over to the guest contributors page and submit your information.  I would love to hear from you. Before I go, please understand that your voice matters, your stories are relevant, and never dim your light to appease the insecurities of others.  

I appreciate you and love you! 

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