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#GirlKeepGoing: “Thank you for Allowing me to Share my Heart With you!”


Since January, I have shown the ups and downs of my healing process. You’ve known when I was depressed, happy, bitter, sad, happy again, and when I finally got to the point that I was no longer stuck in sadness. I just simply wanna thank you for allowing me to share my heart with you.

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I’ve always been transparent, and talking about a failed relationship isn’t anything new. But, this time around was different. I’m now 31 and my perception of love is more mature and rooted in my own beliefs, not what society tells me it should be. With that, I wanted to take better care of myself and focus on the solution–healing.

When this happened, I felt so alone. I was 1900 miles away from home by myself. My friends really weren’t as present, during this period, as I had hoped. Here I was in a new state and so far away from my framily (family + friends) with no outlet, just bitterness, heartbreak, and depression, and my social media family really held space for me.

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Many people told me that I have helped them start their own healing process and/or give them a better understanding, as well as a blueprint. But, being able to write and share dialogue with y’awl has helped me just as much as I have helped you.

Next week, I will finally be announcing the release date of Girl. Keep Going: Twenty Lessons in Love & Life. I’ll share what I’ve learned about healing and about the mistakes I made in my past relationship. I’m doing this because, when I was on Google searching on ways to help me heal, there wasn’t anything outside of ‘love yourself.’ OK, that’s cute and all. But, how do I love myself better? How do I get rid of this feeling? What am I supposed to do with this feeling? How do I get over the fact that I’m now single, after believing I would marry this person? How?

I had no help and I wanted to help myself, while helping others. Funny thang is that #girlkeepgoing was never supposed to be a book or even a movement. It was a simple message I posted on FB that got a response that alerted me to the need that there is/was, in the world, as it related to healing from broken hearts.

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Thank you for being my listening ears and eyes. I appreciate you for allowing me to use social media as my virtual couch and your words of encouragement, shares, and messages to act as loving and warm arms around me.

Thank you for creating a supportive environment for me and carrying me ’til I got to the other side. Thank you for allowing me to share my heart with you.

Eventually comes… eventually.

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-La’Janee’, Miss Education of the Stereo type

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