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Getcho Life, Chile: Tips on Manifesting the Life You Desire


You need more than a crystal and Alkaline water, in order to manifest the life you desire.

All of a sudden, everyone wants to manifest, dive right into it, but no one has a real understanding of what is actually going on.

Before you attempt to manifest anything else, understand your chakras and how they can change daily. Realize that manifesting is a lifestyle, not a one-off, that only consists of tangible thangs.

Who are your spirit guides? What are they telling you? Have you commented with them? 

Here a few thangs you can do, in order to truly manifest:

Set intentions:

What are you gonna intentionally work towards? This has to be something you do with grace & ease. Things you don’t have a problem doing because it’s needed.

What’s your archetype:

Are you an Oracle, Sage, Phoenix, Azlyn? We do not manifest the same. Some folks words are more powerful than their writings and vice versa. Find out how you manifest.

Understand what you really want:

Most of us don’t really need millions of dollars to be happy. Don’t get me wrong, if given, it would be appreciated. But, most don’t need that, in order to obtain a happy lifestyle.

If anything most want financial flexibility and freedom to travel—not millions of dollars. If you want that, it’s possible. 

My point is to be mindful of what you truly want. No matter how vein or deep it may be, if you want it, ask for it.

Perform a ritual:

Once you list your intentions, do something to seal your faith. Some burn & bury, some read out loud a number of times, and etc. 

Whatever is needed to seal your faith, in what you ask, be sure to do it.

Be open:

I’ve been working with my energy healer, Ty Johnson-Anderson of Everyday Miracles, for 18 months now. I have come to realize and understand that how I think things should come, they won’t. So, when you ask, don’t box God/Universe/Spirit in. 

Don’t be too specific. If you want a house with a certain amount of rooms, just say that. Don’t try to give instructions on color or be extra specific, because it will take you forever to get what you want, since you only want it one way.

May you craft the life you desire in 2019.

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