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Free Beginner Blogging Course


Establish your blog with this free beginner blogging course

As somewhat of an introvert, I found blogging to be the perfect outlet for expressing my thoughts, hopes, and expectations. Prior to blogging, journaling was my go-to medium.  In 2017 I decided to switch it up a bit an use my platform exclusively to highlight the strength, achievements, and creativity of women, black women in particular. I had grown tired of the lack of positive representation in media, so I decided to do something about it. I also use the platform to empower, educate and encourage my blog family.

That’s the beauty of blogging. It’s your platform and you can be as creative and expressive as you want.  I thought I needed a bunch of fancy equipment to get started, I didn’t.  My lil ole desktop worked just fine.  


Who should take this course? 

Beauty Industry Professionals (MUA’s, Hair Stylist, Nail Stylist, and Makeup Artist).  Blogging is a great way to connect with your customers on an intimate level.  Breakaway from the noise of social media and communicate directly with your clients. 

Educators both traditional and non-traditional educators can use a blog to present information.  From teaching someone how to make their own soap to writing a business plan. 

Blogging is a wonderful platform. 

Hobbyist so maybe you’re none of the above and that’s okay.  You like to create and fix things and would love nothing more but to share your love of creating with others becoming a blogger is an excellent way to do that. 

Musicians can use a blog to preview new music, post tour dates, and info and ultimately grow their fanbase. A blog provides the opportunity for fans to tag along on your musical journey virtually. Fans get to see the growth and encourage to become part of a movement bigger than themselves.  

Photographers have the unique opportunity to showcase their beautiful work without the hassle of maintaining a full website.  Photography blogging allows visitors to take in the creativity and expressions often associated with photography. It provides viewers with a sample of what they can expect should they decide to work with you.

Writers blogging provides the opportunity to share your voice with the world. Its perfect for the introverted individual. The one that craves human interaction just not face to face. The world is full people that hold a unique perspective and blogging introduces them to that uniqueness. 

The course explorers important foundational information: 

  • Establishing Your Purpose as a blogger
  • Locating Your Target Audience 
  • Domain Names and Web Hosting
  • The Basics of Content Development
  • Email Marketing 

In designing the Beginner Blogging Course explorers the basics of blogging plus much more like: 

  • How to create an email marketing campaign   
  • 20+ blog post ideas
  • How to establish a posting schedule

For the best learner experience do the following: 

  • Join the “Janet Michelle Learn” group on Facebook 
  • Write down your questions 
  • Have access to  a laptop or desktop 
  • Have great wi-fi connection 
  • Place your phone on mute
  • Find a space with very little distractions 


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