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Focused and Fearless Brunch: Unity, Love, Support and Accountability


The Focused and Fearless Brunch was a great success. I never thought that I would gain lessons from planning one though. Two weeks prior to the event, Hurricane Irma appeared.  My family and I decided to evacuate from the storm.  I debated on changing the date of the event or canceling it all together. Thankfully a little sense of normalcy returned and the event went on as scheduled.

Focused, Fearless, Brunch, Food, Unity

Furthermore, one of the greatest lesson that stood out to me was to always have a back-up plan.  Things will go wrong, just be prepared to deal with them.  I’m also glad to announce that this was the first of many. I hope you can join me for next years Focused and Fearless Brunch!

My heart was truly blessed by this event. The smiles on the faces of the guest made it even better. During the brunch the vibe was one of unity, love, accountability and support. Dr. Carleah East, our keynote speaker challenged us to  “reclaim our time” and be intentional about it.  We were encouraged  to strive to be genuine and to live life unapologetically.  Dr. East’s message was right on time and delivered with passion. Nina Sunshine led us into some affirmation crunches. If you know her, then you know she is serious about fitness and most importantly about uplifting and encouraging women during their transformation process.

Focused, Fearless, Chucking, the, Deuces

The Focused and Fearless Brunch was a platform to celebrate the releasing of my book Finding My Happy: Chucking the Deuces to Toxic Thinking. Too often in life negative thoughts are given too much power.   Finding My Happy is about eliminating those negative thoughts and going on to progress in life victoriously.  The book can now be purchased on Amazon.

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