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Fenty Body Lava: Supernatural Glow Up In A Bottle


Fenty Beauty  has managed to give us the ability to have a supernatural glow up via their Body Lava (Body Luminizer) product. The reviews are coming in for the Fenty Body Lava (Body Luminzer).  While they are mixed, the majority have been positive. As with any product though, be sure to try it for yourself.

Body Lava comes in two shades, Brown Sugar (Glistening Bronze) and Who Needs Clothes (Radiant Rose Gold) . I included two reviews that feature women with different skin tones because  who wants to walk around looking like a shiny Christmas ornament because they picked the wrong shade. Any who, check out these awesome reviews of the product below:

Video by Jackie Aina 


Video by Gina is Vlogging

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  1. I’m just now seeing this but thanks for using my video!

    1. JanetMichelle

      You’re so welcome!!

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