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Everything Is Love: The Joint Album by the Carters


So, I was minding my business recovering after my stay in the Beyhive Intensive Care Unit (BICU) following the Beychella performance, then boom get hit with  the “Everything Is Love”  joint album by the Carters. I told y’all they like to playing with our emotions, but it is truly all good.  During times like this my Tidal subscription is clutch. I like the entire album. Of course I have my favorites. The complete body of work is solid.

First we got “Lemonade”, then “4:44” now “Everything is Love”.  It is clear the Carters are on their own time, unbothered AF, and have no plans on slowing  down and I’m loving all of it. I’m not going spend time on unpacking the album, I’m sure many others will. I just wanted to simply enjoy the music and that I did.  Lately their projects are more like edutainment. You gone dance, sing along, and get some lessons all at the same darn time.

I enjoy seeing the growth in artist and the Carters are no exception. Beyonce the artist once bent on portraying the picture perfect person has ditched all of that and grows increasingly comfortable with her flaws and people knowing about them-on her terms though. Jay-Z has finally retired his player’s card; monogamy and commitment to family looks good on him.

May they continue to secure the bag, raise those babies and love on each other in the process. Love wins!

I am going to leave you with my top  3 cuts though:

  1. 713
  2. Black Effect
  3. Apeshit


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