Eventually They Grow Up


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Good morning, I hope your week has gotten off to a great start. This past Mother’s Day, all of my children and grandchildren were home.  My children cooked me breakfast and we all just sat around talking and laughing. Then it hit me, in August of this year I will be home alone. My youngest graduates high school this year and then will head off to college; my oldest daughter will be have moved into her own place and my son has a family of his own to care for.  I must say, I thought I was ready for them to be moving on and starting their own lives, but a part of me is a little sad.

Having my children at a young age meant that we pretty much grew up together.  Most of my achievements in life were centered around me wanting to make a better life for my children.  My friends keep telling me that I will get over them moving on really quick, I hope so.  I have various projects that will keep me occupied, but I am going to miss my granddaughter, bursting into my room asking for the charger for the tablet at 6 a.m. and her knocking on everyone’s door trying to find someone one to fix her a jelly sandwich. I guess my weekends will soon include making rounds to see how everyone is doing.   I have heard the term “Empty Nester” and I always dismissed it, but man, that description is spot on.

Early in the year, I spoke about adapting to change and this year so far, has been full of many changes. I’m glad to see my children grow up and my grandchildren have been such a beautiful bonus in life.  My son, whom recently became a father was sharing how he couldn’t wait until his son was able to walk and talk. I leaned in and told him, be sure to enjoy his time as a newborn, because before you know it, he will be asking for money and for permission to hang out with his friends.  We looked at each other and started laughing.  Enjoy your children while they are young because eventually they grow up. Take care and have an awesome day!

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