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Entrepreneurship Looks Different…Creating the Lifestyle You Desire


Many content creators—when working on conception, articles, pitches, content lists—work from their phones.

The only time I use my laptop is when I am creating a deck—proposal/pitch. Other than that, my phone has every thang I need—every thang— to be productive. Unfortunately, I don’t edit so I outsource that.

  • I have created decks on my phone but it’s too damn annoying—lmao!

Once I create my decks or something that’s more fitting to work on from a computer, I go right back to my phone & send my emails.

Google Drive & Canva are lifesavers. I’m basic ass hell in Canva, by the way. But, anyway, entrepreneurship doesn’t look the same for everybody.

Most days, I work from my patio and/or my couch. Hell, I even work from my bed, like now. I go to the library so I can interact w/people because that’s important. But, my work-from-home is legit working from home!

Entrepreneurship doesn’t look one way. Everybody doesn’t need a big grand set up to get shit done. Sooo, use what you got to make it happen. For the past few years, this has been my life & I have managed quite well.

While my energy is shifting & I want a legit office, I will never opt into the conventional work method. It just doesn’t work for me.

So, next time, someone says they are working but you only see them w/a phone, you wanna believe them.

I recorded, wrote, and designed my entire book package from my phone…my phone—mic & all! As a matter of fact, I have written more articles, sent more pitches, created more content from my phone.

When I say create the lifestyle you want, this is exactly what I mean.

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