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En Vogue Releases Hot New Track: Rocket

Take a peek at En Vogue’s  hot new track- Rocket. The ladies are giving us  that futuristic fashionista vibe as only they know how.  Following this will be the release of their album, “Electric Cafe” slated for March 30th.   I had the opportunity to hear them live in concert last year and they still have those pristine pipes. Never missing a note and always on key.  I am waiting with great anticipation for their most recent effort.

With groups like En Vogue, I’m always reminded about how a good brand will stand the test of time. As I stated earlier I heard them in concert and it was such a beautiful experience hearing the crowd sing back to them word for word. It has been 14 years since En Vogue has released an album, but their brand is as strong as ever.

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