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Empowerment: A Word That Will Never Be Cliche For Me


The word empowerment will never be cliche for me because it embodies sooo much.   My week ended so beautifully. I must work on my timing though. I started a 7 seven day cleanse and two of those seven days I had speaking engagements. Note to self, don’t do that ish again! Trying to speak through the bubble guts ain’t the business.

Any who, I had a very busy, but productive week. My highlights include the I Am Royalty Teen Summit, Women’s Empowerment Brunch, and a nice family get together will my aunts and cousins. Making the decision to be fully present and intentional with my time has been the best decision I could have ever made!

I Am Royalty Teen Summit

The I Am Royalty Teen Summit hosted by Katrina Abaorasade  and Tasha Lowe was very moving. Both ladies were brought to tears at the level of support of the event. It is in those moments, that you know something is  truly done from the heart.  All of the guest speakers were phenomenal. The young girls in attendance were very engaged from start to finish. The small gesture of placing a rose in front of each participate spoke volumes.  The rose signified their growth and beauty.

Moderator, Lewis Stephens Jr. kept the tone on a high note and imparted wisdom through out the ceremony.  Guest speakers covered, “The Importance of Self Love” (Diamond Forbes), “The Proper Way to Construct a Resume” (Nia McElroy),  “HIV and AIDS Awareness” (Shaundra Allison),  “The Power of Prayer” ( Katera Shannon),  “Social Media Safety” (Janet Michelle), “Acknowledging your Royalty” (Dr. Christopher Warren) and Andre Polite graced us with his poetry.

It takes a village to raise these babies and the village is handling its business.   There will be more Teen Summit sessions held, so   stay tuned!

Family Gathering

Yes, I’m legit writing about my family gathering. When you get a call from your OG aunty about a ladies night in gathering, you make it your business to be there.  My sister in law and I rode together and we had a very insightful conversation about everything from finances to relationships.   In my family, anytime you enter a room with your elders, you hug. One of my oldest aunts, Minerva will flat call you out if you don’t acknowledge her.

I was reminded of the importance of just good ole fashioned family time. I left my phone in the car , laughed, ate and drank. I fully embraced the moment.  Enough can’t be said on the importance of being fully present. It is challenging, especially as a blogger, when the natural reaction is to whip out my phone or camera and record the moments.  As much as you can,  live, laugh, and love with intention.

Women’s Empowerment Brunch: Renewing the Mind, Body and Spirit 

This was the perfect start to my week. The Women’s Empowerment Brunch hosted by Kenyatta Rucker, Marvel King, and Cheryl Rucker William was all love!  The event was conducted in excellence from start to finish.  The decor, vendor selections, meal choices and guest speakers were all well thought out. Some laughed and cried, yea it was that type of day!

Karalynn Brubaker set the tone with an opening prayer.  Mistress of Ceremony, Bridget Hayes  dropped many nuggets during her “Authentically You” presentation. Lisa Warren, did a magnificent job on covering “Knowing your Creator”.  Karti Poet  got us all alert when he laced the microphone with his poem Ex-Deep. We were inhaling, exhaling and smiling afterwards.  Michelle Green Rhodes, dropped some serious knowledge concerning health and wealth. Her business wisdom was priceless. I had the opportunity to present on “Finding Your Happy”.  Listen, Ms. Ashely Briscoe brought the house down you hear me. Her dance performance to Jekalyn Carr’s “You Will Win” was full of so much passion.  I’m convinced had she gone on any longer, someone would have taken full sprint around the conference room. We ended the brunch on a very high note,  Vincent Shannon reminded us that we were more than enough and if people can’t understand that then, it doesn’t matter!

Much love was shown to the vendors in a attendance on that day. I actually had a table and left with one book . The final touch was my gift from the hosts.

I hope your week gets off to great start as well. Take care and remember to  live, laugh and love often!

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