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Embrace Your Genius: How Corporate Propelled my Creativity


At the tender age of 32, I’ve realized that many people do not embrace their genius. I don’t know if it is because we’re told to be ‘something’ instead of being whole, or if this is just life’s natural progression. But, what I do know is that many of us have parts of us that we don’t show the world. Some of it may be fear but a lot of it is because I don’t think we understand ‘how.’

For example, I have a B.S. Degree in Mass Communications (Advertising). While I did enter corporate right after I graduated, once I stopped working in corporate, I kind of put that talent to the side. For one, I didn’t understand how to make it work. For two, I wanted to keep it separate from my freelancing life. I honestly can’t tell you why. I was so hell bent on not embracing that ‘corporate’ side of myself.

I think a lot of it had to do with the bad rep the workforce gets–no work/life balance, underpaid and overworked, wasted time, and etc. Back in 2016, everyone hated working for anyone. On the innanet, there was the rhetoric that you had to be your own boss or else you were not the ish and that’s the furthest from the truth.

Honestly, I did receive another position with another company, before my entrepreneurial journey. About a week before I was supposed to start, the company went through an abrupt change and put a freeze on new hires. I never heard from them again. So, I just took a leap of faith and made it do what it do.

But, I had a hard time because I spent so much time suppressing what I knew, worked AND paid for that I couldn’t reach my full potential. It wasn’t until 2017, that thangs started to work in my favor–I ended up using parts of my real-world experience and my media corresponding picked up. I gained multiple contracts and my career was shaping itself.

While all of this happened, I still wasn’t operating at my maximum potential. I didn’t even realize it but I was still suppressing my genius. Still barely using my applied knowledge. So, I was doing OK. But, I wasn’t doing my best.

Fast forward to 2018, I decided I was going back to corporate, once I moved to Cali. I came to this conclusion for several reasons:

  • When you move from coast-to-coast, it costs money. The quickest way to get money is gain an opportunity with guaranteed money and for me that looked like a corporate position. Yes! I had contracts but they weren’t with corporations, at the time. Journalism contracts are different, when you’re not with a large outlet. Even then, there is instability.
  • I needed time to not worry about how I was gon’ make it out here. Moving is stressful and I got tired of ‘making it happen.’ Yes! I was able to pay my bills but I had to do more than what I wanted just to make the money. I had to work for custom packages that I would’ve never normally do, since I needed the money. I had a savings and I lived off of that for a while. But, money runs out, when contracts go up for negotiation and you’re taking care of others. I just needed a peace of mind so I could focus on my ‘why’.
  • I wanted to be able to enjoy life. We got our whole lives to struggle. I came out here for a purpose but I ain’t tryna struggle like I did, when I first got on this journey. If I’m struggling, it’s on another level and it won’t have ish to do with financially. Been there, done that.
  • I wanted to give myself a fair chance. This is the biggest shift I’ve had in life, since I graduated high school 10-years ago. I needed a solid foundation to propel me forward. I didn’t come all the way out here for nothing. I came out here to succeed and that means doing everything to ensure I can.

Well, as I was preparing to do this, I went through a slump and wrote a #1 Kindle Amazon Best-Seller about it, Girl, Keep Going: Healing is now in Session. So, I was set back again, as I was going through another transition. Then, finally, my moment came. In 2019, I landed a corporate contract. So, not only am I back in corporate but I am still a freelancer. I’m living the best of both worlds. I have the security and the freedom and flexibility.

Since I’ve embraced my genius, I’ve soared in my business. Corporate is a part of me. If I try to go through life without utilizing it, I’m denying myself of options that will help me get to my ultimate goal.

Corporate has done the following:

  • Enhanced my consultation skills–Since I am a freelancer with a corporate contract, many people are interested in learning from me. With that, it helps me to prepare better, pay more attention to detail, and consider my time. It also makes me more mindful about how I go about doing a lot of thangs. People are depending on me help them.
  • Reduced my stress— Listen! I do what I love and have the freedom and security to do it. I work-from-home, make my own schedule, and have a good work environment. I don’t have to chase anybody down for money and I get paid on time, every single time. I really ain’t got no issue!
  • Enhanced my creativity–Since I’m not stressed, I can actually focus and create more and put effort into detail. It’s such a beautiful thang.
  • I feel accomplished–I am crafting the lifestyle I desire by doing what I love. I am a freelancer with corporate security. I am a true multi-media professional–journalist, digital marketer, media correspondent, and author. I am living through every aspect of myself and I don’t have to compromise one or the other.

This is the thang. We all have our own journey. Some of us go viral; others know someone in a position who puts us where we need to be; many of us, like me, have to slowly climb up the ladder. It may seem unfair at times but it is perfectly worth it. I’m glad I crafted (still crafting) a life of luxury. Life feels good and I’m enjoying it. Had I not embraced my genius I’m not sure where I would be.

Lean in and let life bless you. I think we get so caught up with how it looks that we miss out on a lot of thangs. Crazy thang is, I don’t even remember applying for this position. Hell, they called and I answered. I know I did but can’t recall it. I just know this opp saved my life and put me right where I needed to be.

I feel better. I look better. I am better.

Genius, are you ready to stop hiding?

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