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Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time : A Movie That’s Right On Time


<<NO SPOILERS>> This was the first movie that I  have ever jotted down notes while watching – seriously. Well, they were more like nuggets. My granddaughter and I watched “A Wrinkle in Time” over weekend and despite the reviews coming in, I actually enjoyed it.  Was it perfect, no; but what movie is?    A Wrinkle in Time, is right on time. Especially as it relates to how young black girls and women view themselves in  society.

A Wrinkle In Time, Oprah
Source: Entertainment Tonight

I asked my granddaughter which character did she like the best and she answered “Meg” – that was the lead character. I smiled because the character Meg (Storm Reid) was powerful, smart, fearless and full of love. The movie was most definitely a labor of love, but not in the traditional sense, because it cost 102 million dollars to make. But because women’s issues and their treatment in society are both near and dear to the heart of  Ava and Oprah.

The cinematography  and animation was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking.  I was amazed at the level of creativity displayed.   I was captivated by the art, but the hidden gems in the movie messaging is what really made and impact on me.  If I leave a movie and am still thinking about something I heard hours later, an impact has most certainly been made.  My top two gems were “stay focused on light when darkness is present” and  “love is the frequency”.

Remaining focused on light was really big for me because there is so much darkness in the world right now. I am a compassionate person and am naturally drawn to things that impact people. I have to remind myself that, I can’t save the world, and to pull away from social media and other mediums when the negativity gets to be too much.  My attitude and outlook begins to change when I don’t.  I have learned that my creative energy feeds off of positive energy, so staying in the light is a must for me. Yet, there are times when I can’t simply turn away and in those moments remaining focused on light is imperative.

Love being the frequency,  man that was big too.  In order to remain on the love frequency, battles must be chosen wisely.  I affirm that I am love. I would much rather ride that love wave anyway!

I hope you get a chance to catch the movie. Let me know your thoughts!

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