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CSI Events Presents: Relax and Unwind

Relax, Unwind and Happy Hour
Photo: Janet Michelle, Chef Towan Rush

Harold Buchannon , Coupon Cutie, and Beee Artistry  of  CSI Events, hosted a soft opening of their Relax and Unwind at the Rush Hour Resturant and Lounge. It will definitely be one of the places to be on a Tuesday night. May the  fried catfish and fries be my witness,  you will not be disappointed.


Relax and Unwind
Photo by: Janet Michelle Coupon Cutie and Katrina

With an adult, grown folk, and professional vibe, you want to be sure to add this event to your list for  some good networking.  The venue has a very spacious bar area with plenty of seating. Come out on July 4th and see for yourself.   With a history of hosting awesome events, I’m sure this years Relax and Unwind will be no different.

Chicken, Food, Relax, Unwind
Photo: Janet Michelle


Relax, Unwind, Happy Hour
Photo: Janet Michelle
Marreese Speights
Photo: Janet Michelle

Location: Rush Hour Restaurant and Lounge

2140 34th Street S., St.Petersburg, FL 33711

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