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Creating Your Own Path After A Successful Partnership


I enjoy stories of what I like to call “business courage.” I had the pleasure of covering a night of celebration for Marla Wade, currently an Agent of In & Out Quick Bail Bonds.  The order of celebration was in Marla’s decision to start her own Bail Bonds Company, Marla Wades Bail Bonds.  In a field heavily dominated by men, this is truly a bawse move! Friends and family poured in to wish Marla well on her new journey.


Left: Marla Wade

Marla’s decision made me think about many others that have left successful partnerships to start their own journey. I thought about Oprah and her decision to start OWN.  Sean Combs (Puff Daddy) and his decision to start Badd Boy Records.  Or  the hairstylist  or barber that decides to start their own business.    Often times, those who decide to chart their own path, have gone on  to achieve great success and opened up so many doors for others in the process. They have managed to provide opportunities to others that they were not previously able to do.Don’t be afraid to take a chance on yourself. Resist the urge to talk yourself out of what could be the move that takes your life to another level.


Marla, Bail, Bonds, Women, Business
Photo: Janet Michelle

I caught with up with Marla afterwards to gather a few more details about this awesome entrepreneur decision here is what she shared.

JM: What led to the decision of you wanting to create your own path in the industry?

MW: I have years of experience as an entrepreneur. I love and enjoy what I do. So this was the career I chose. This was for me!

JW: How did you become interested in the Bail Bonds industry?

MW:  When I was young, I always wanted a career in law enforcement. I challenged the prescreening written exam as a deputy trainee with the Sheriff’s office. I failed the exam which left me too discouraged to return. One day in Jordan Park, early nineties, I saw one of the most respectful bondsman in the black community “Scottie.” I built up the courage and asked him about the industry. He most likely was in the middle of working, maybe looking for a fugitive. He said to me: What’s your name? I replied Marla. He said if you have the courage to ask me about the business, go for it. I’ll never forget those words. I waited for years because of the age of my children. Finally, I register for the class in 2008.

JM: In deciding to take a chance on yourself, what are some lessons you are learning in the process?

MW: Take your time. Get as much experience as you can. Being that this was once a male dominant business, do not let that discourage you. Plan effectively and never let defeat or mistakes detour your passion. If your passion is bail.

JW: For someone reading this that may be thinking about  leaving a partnership to start their own venture, what advice or words of encouragement do you have for them?

MW:  I can honestly say that the lessons I had to endure were mentally and emotionally draining and painful. In this business, the downside of being an agent is that everyone doesn’t have your best interest at heart. It’s all about trust. But I am open to, ready and prepared to the upside of the business. To operate a successful business, employ others one day and to return clients home to their families.

You are to brilliant for a box, its time to spread your wings and fly.


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