Strength and  confidence, do you have them?  I know, life can be hard on a girl sometimes. However, you are not alone, I am hear with you…. okay..okay..okay. I’ll stop singing.   For real though, thanks for stopping by. I hope you find plenty to read that will help you up your confidence and strength factor. We are running a marathon not a sprint. Don’t sweat the small stuff and pick your battles wisely.

Often, we give too much attention to those small things in life. Issues that in one year from now will not even matter. You were built for greatness. People who are built for greatness go on and do great things. So, what are you doing? Are you stuck? Do you recognize your strength; do you recognize your confidence, or have you lost it along the way? If you have, it is truly okay.  Get up, dust yourself off and make a plan to stay up this time.

Together we can began to impact the lives of many others.  Hopefully you will take the time to join a  growing community of strong and confident women.  I promise not to flood your inbox with useless junk. Although miles apart, virtually we can still have an impact in lives of on another.  Most importantly though, our words and pictures carry weight and can work wonders on a weary soul. They can become that last ounce of breath needed to cross that finish line.

I am committed to helping women embrace their strength and live their lives with complete  strength and confidence. Okay I’m getting too deep.  Seriously though, I love seeing people overcome their obstacles and grab life by the horns.

Before I go, did I  mention that I like  a good cup of tea, live music, rap music  and great food?   Don’t forget to always be yourself,  be authentic, and live life  on purpose. Okay, bye.


Janet Michelle-



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