Community Jewels: The Very Resources You Need Are Right In Front You. #BurgInspired


It never ceases to amaze me the amount of talent  and love that people have not only for the city, but for those that reside in it. Speakers, entrepreneurs, community activists, authors, musicians, educational professionals  and medical professionals  that have  enough passion and will to act on that passion is a beautiful thing to witness. These people are in fact our “Community Jewels”.

Business, Seminar, Wolf Way, New Era Thinking
From L to R Jason Bryant, Dovev Weaver, Kory Outlaw, Guest, Shelly Giard, Jabaar Edmonds, Guest, Guest, Guest and Tonio Brown

Initially, I had planned to attend and cover a  Mansion Party, hosted by Fashion Designer Sherri, of Styles by Sherri. Unfortunately, the event had to be rescheduled; this meant that my Saturday was wide open. There were two other events that I wanted to attend, which I now had the opportunity to do.

Business, leadership., speakers, seminar, workshops New Era Thinking
Photo: Tonio Brown

The first, was  Business Seminar, The Wolf Way Series: A Champion Mindset , presented by New Era Thinking and Wolf Talk Radio.   This seminar was hands down one of the best business seminar’s I have ever attended.  It was the best  because the featured speakers presented from a place of passion,  having knowledge of both failure and success and persevering despite ones past.  Most of all, they kept it one hundred. The setting was an intimate one, that included both breakfast and lunch along with the sounds of a skilled saxophone player by the name of Jevon Falcon. Oftentimes, speakers at business seminars are polished and professional to the point of sounding inauthentic and borderline unrelatable. I can assure this was not the case with the group of speakers I listened to. I want to leave you with some quotes from the magnificent speakers of the day:

Business, leadership., speakers, seminar, workshops New Era Thinking
Photo: Jabaar Edmonds

Jabaar Edmonds of One Love Magazine

Topic: Power – “People have power, but fail to realize it”.  “Money doesn’t always equal power ,  if your are not putting that money in the hands of people with power”.

Kory Outlaw of Wolf Talk Radio

Topic:  Fear and Humanity – “Discipline in business will do two things, run people away  or cause them to be intrigued by it”.

Tonio Brown , Business Owner  and Entrepreneur

Topic: Mindset of a Champion – “Recognize and identify what a persons value is and their worth; so that we can grow together”  “Believe in yourself enough to jump”.

Dovev Weaver, Speaker and Motivator

Topic : Are You Doing What Champions Do? –  “Find pockets of time”.

Shelley Giard, Professional Speaker

Topic: How Failure Leads to Success – “Be the loudest voice in your ear”.  “You must be proactive, not pacified”.

Jason Bryant, PMP, Businessman/Entrepreneur

Topic: Leaving a Legacy, #TheProcess – “You must learn how to deal with fans and haters”.

Business, leadership., speakers, seminar, workshops New Era Thinking
Photo: Shelley Guard

I am certain they will have more awesome events in the future.  If you are serious about being in business and are looking for opportunities to sharpen your skills, increase in knowledge and be inspired, I would highly encourage you to catch their next business seminar. You will not be disappointed. Come with a mindset to learn and share as well.  So often, we think we don’t have the resources to succeed in business. Often, the very thing we need, the answers that we are  in search of,  are right in front of us, right in our own back yard. Don’t  think that the only person worth receiving business wisdom from is the person in the $10, 000 suite , charging $600 for a scripted speaking engagement.  Whatever you do, please don’t judge a book by its cover. You might miss out on that one piece of business nugget meant to take you to the next level.

Youth, Author, Business Man
Photo: Author, Freddie Simmons

Hey My Black Child(ren) Teen Summit : Bringing and End to Senseless Murders

Speaking of not judging a book by its cover, the next event that I attended was  Hey My Child(ren) Teen Summit- Bringing an End to Senseless Murders,  hosted by Altamease Rowe-Caldwell. Both children and parents were in full  attendance. The event was created to address the growing violence amongst our youth. The program was very robust, well thought out , intentional, real, honest and genuine. Guest speakers shared their stories of  making good on bad decisions, the realness of  gun violence, getting mixed up with the wrong friends,  embracing academic failure and achievement, and knowing what you want to be when you grow up.

Business, leadership., speakers, seminar, workshops New Era Thinking
Photo: Janet Michelle

Guest speakers included, Phillip Haywood, Lori Gibson, Felecia Harris, Author, Freddie Simmons, Reggie Reed, and Dr. Pierce Booker; also the acknowledgment of  mothers  Tammie Long, Scarlette Clark, Alicia Roberts, Denise Swisher, and Montrice Woodard. whom  teens were murdered.  The children in attendance were also provided a Q and A session, as well the opportunity to view a casket. In times like these, sugar coating the dangers they face  will only harm not help. There are people and things designed to take the breath from children before they even began to dream. To  host an event such as this, is a pure demonstration of love and one that communicates to the children in the community that, there are people genuinely interested in not only their survival, but  in their success as well.    Thanks to Altamease for having the vision  to put together such an amazing event and to her supporters you guys did a fabulous job as well. #BurgInspired

Business, leadership., speakers, seminar, workshops New Era Thinking


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