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City Council Candidates 2019: Do You Know Who’s Running?


Frequently citizens ignore very important elections right in their own back yard.  Press isn’t generated for local elections unless controversy is present. Don’t be the citizen that pays taxes and then remain absent from the process of electing someone that adequality represents them. 

Currently,  in St. Petersburg, Florida – city council districts 1, 3, 5 and 7 have upcoming elections.  The last day to register to vote in St. Petersburg is July 29. The primary election occurs on August 27, 2019. and the General Election occurs on November 5, 2019. Only residents residing in those districts may vote in the primary.  

Are you concerned about the lack of representation for your race, business, community, etc.? Or perhaps you love the representation and want to keep that individual in office.  Voting is the only way to ensure that the right person ends up representing you.   

When voting, make sure you do your homework and research your candidates.  For citizens in South St. Petersburg, you particularly want to pay close attention to the races in district 5 and 7.  Too often, voters cry about change, but when presented with candidates that have a vision for change that includes the underrepresented members of society and that seek to right the wrong of economic discrimination , voters buck the system and continue on with the status quo.   

Links to each candidates most current treasurer report have been provided as well as links to their respective websites or Facebook accounts. Issues such as gerrymandering, water rate increases, equitable distribution of CRA funding,  policing, mileage rates, and school board appointments are all decided at the local level. 


Campaign Finance Reports for all Candidates

League of Women Voters

Vote Pinellas

Open Secrets

So, who’s running?


District 1  Map

John Hornbeck

Robert G. Blackmon 


District 3 Map 

John “Ed” Montanari (Incumbent)

Zachary James Collins

Orlando A. Acosta 


District 5 Map 

Deborah Figgs-Sanders

Trenia Cox

Beth Connor 

Anne Lenholt Hirsch 

Philip Garrett


District 7 Map

Lisa Wheeler-Bowman (Incumbent)

Chico Cromarti

Eritha Brandis Cainion

Sarah Elizabeth Moore

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