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Chris Brown’s “Welcome to My Life”: When the Will to Survive is Stronger Than the Destruction

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Over this past weekend I had a chance to view Chris Brown’s “Welcome to My Life”  documentary.  Let me first stay that I am very proud of him for sharing his story. It seems like it took a lot out of him to do so.  He covered quite a bit, from his early beginnings to the infamous incident concerning Rihanna and  his life afterwards.

Some want to reduce the documentary to being solely about his response to the Rhianna incident, but it was about so much more than that. What stood out to me the most was his experience with domestic violence as a child.  Chris shared how witnessing the abuse his mother suffered by his stepfather impacted him. He also spoke about the range of emotions he dealt with during this time, from anger to fear to the desire to kill the stepfather.

His experience serves as reminder for one to leave or never enter into an abusive relationship; especially when children are involved.  Because often children do what you do, not what you say. If the toxic influence is left unchecked, they can and do turn into abusers themselves.

Drug use and the inability to handle falling from grace is something that has killed many of his entertainment peers. For me, thats the beauty of his story; his ability to bounce back from the destruction.  In my opinion, Chris allowed himself to be vulnerable, accepted responsibility for his poor choices and no longer allowed his past to dictate his future.

He also spoke about the dressing room incident on the set of Good Morning America. His frustration grew from his group having a written document in place stipulating what could and could not be discussed. Wanting only to talk about his upcoming album, his request was disregarded and he was instead pressed by Robin Roberts to speak  about the Rihanna story.  Attempts to redirect the conversation were unsuccessful.

I don’t  agree with how the  situation was  handled.  Furthermore, when you are truly trying to move on in your life and people insist on bringing up your past- that can get irritating. Chris entered young adulthood as a full fledged superstar, domestic violence survivor,  unequipped to handle what life was getting ready to hand to him with  unresolved anger from past life experiences. Essentially, a walking disaster waiting to happen.

Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, he rose from the destruction and has a beautiful daughter at his side. Parenting can bring out the best in people. Chris seems to be embracing fatherhood very well.  Chris’s flaws no longer compete with his brilliance and that’s a beautiful thing.

Learning to manage ones emotions and not being moved by the words or actions of others demonstrates great strength. We cannot always control what people say or do, but we can control how we respond!   Ones past can be used as bridge to growth.  -Take Care, xoxo

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