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Four Reasons You Need a Favorite Nicca, Sis…


After a failed relationship, you don’t need anything serious. All you need a is a favorite nicca. A man who is more than a friend with benefits but not anyone you’re committed to. In my mind, he’s someone you could get serious with, if you wanted to, but understand that now just isn’t the time. If nothing else, he’s someone who actually helps you heal through your pain, until you’re ready to commit again.

In your 20’s you have a heaux phase, but in your 30’s, you ain’t got time for alluhdat. I mean, juggling so many at once requires too much of your time, when you have a certain level of responsibility and just want more consistency but without all the drama. Just because you’re single, doesn’t mean you can’t have that one person you connect with.

Here are four reason why you need a favorite nicca:

Reason 1: Life Goes On

You need a favorite nicca because the world doesn’t stop, after one failed relationship. I mean, maybe it does for a moment but once you gather yourself, you realize that you are still in the land of the living and deserve something that’s less stressful. You can bet your ex has moved on and entertaining other women. So, why should you be held up with sadness and not date other people? You’re alive and should date. You don’t have to drag your heart with you–just be sure to take your sense, when dating.

Reason 2: You Need the Company

At our age, many of our friends are married, in long-term relationships, and/or have kids. So, you need someone to keep you occupied with trips, outings, good conversations, and laughs. It gets kinda lonely, when you have to get accustomed to being single again. Having someone there to talk to consistently can make a world of difference.

Reason 3: Mature version of Friends with Benefits

It’s fun! It’s the mature version of friends with benefits–consistency, quality time, support, friendship, and sex. But, you two have more of an understanding that things can become serious, over a period of time, and that’s OK. The trips, conversations, and just the company alone can create a world of difference for you, while you’re healing from the past hurt. Be alone–cool! But, you will need company afterwhile.

Reason 4: Reminds You of Your Worth

This man usually reminds you of why you left your ex, in the first place, while reaffirming your worth as a woman. Not that you need him to but his generosity and attentiveness reminds you that you, in fact, deserve more. He comes in and raises the standard for those you may date in the future. Sometimes we date people who tear us down and our self worth can take a hit. It’s nice to be around someone who reminds us that we ain’t asking for too much. The person we want isn’t ready to give what we need or just may not be the right person to get it from.

Sis, getchu a favorite nicca. It’s spring time and it is important you have fun with someone who brings no stress and nothing but bliss. After that traumatic breakup, you deserve it.

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