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Chernique: The Sweet Smell of Success


Chernique is very much indeed the sweet smell of success. In a male dominated fragrance industry, female owned brands have found their voice and are making their presence known. In fact, according to Nielsen, in 2017 alone, black consumers spent 151 million dollars on women fragrances. Inspired by love of fragrance Chernique developed her signature scent bearing the same name. According to her, its the perfect fragrance that will change your mood, give you confidence or transport you to a desired place and time.  Find out more about her fabulous company from our interview.

Chernique I Am Fragrance

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JM: What inspired you to start your business?

Chernique: As a teenager, I fell in love with fragrances of all kinds. I used to go to the mall with excitement to try the latest perfume or to smell the latest cologne. It became an obsession that I never outgrew. I told myself that one day I would create my own fragrance line and in 2016 I did just that! In July 2018 at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, I expanded my brand by introducing my second passion and Chernique Cosmetics was born.

JM: Who does your business service?

Chernique: Chernique is for the chic, classy woman that exudes elegance and style. I also have I AM, fragrance for men. Men, this is your go to fragrance for that special occasion. Chernique Cosmetics is for lovers of artistry and expression and for that individual that knows that they are unapologetically beautiful.

JM: What are you most passionate about?

Chernique:  I would say, I’m most passionate about seeing my vision (s) manifest. I feel the most fulfilled when I’m creating.

JM: What business accomplishment are you most proud of?

Chernique:  Being an educated African American woman with a unique name that had aspirations and an adamant determination to start a business.  I’m proud of my efforts to leave my children a legacy and to be an inspiration to other women that dare to dream. My Bishop at my church once told me to dream Big!

JM: Did you face any obstacles in starting; if so, how did you overcome them?

Chernique: Yes, quite a few. I would say, you don’t know what you don’t know and because of that there was definitely a learning curve for sure. Your first couple of years unless you have access to a surplus of capital, you are utilizing your own money and that in and of itself can be challenging. Also, if you’re running the business by yourself, you are often times mentally and physically exhausted. For me, I had to learn to prioritize and execute time management. There are a lot of things behind the scenes that business owners endure day to day that challenge your faith, but I remain faithful to my Why. Always remember your why. Why did I start this journey? Yes, that’s right, my legacy. I also attended CATCH, a business program for local African American entrepreneurs.

 JM:  If you could leave some words of wisdom with the readers what would they be?

 Chernique: Write your vision and make it plain. Do your research. Find out how much it will cost to bring your vision to fruition however, do not allow the cost to deter you. Start small if you have to. The important thing is to start. Surround yourself with people whom believe in your vision and that celebrate your accomplishment. If the one person tells you no, keep going until you hear a yes. Celebrate your victories big and small. Keep God first and dream Big! And when it gets tough, remember your Why.

 JM: Where do you see your business in five years?

 Cherniqe: I see Chernique entertaining business opportunities with celebrities, traveling worldwide. Being on the cover of a few magazines and winning awards at Essence Fest and being recognized by other influential entities. And of course a millionaire.

JM: Please describe any products that you are currently offering and the link to purchase them:

Chernique: All products are available. Chernique Cosmetics is the latest addition to the line. You may find them at www.chernique.org. Express your individuality through artistry with my luxury cosmetics and skin care products. I pride myself in using the very highest standards of pigments and ingredients with a vast color selection.

Social Media Handles:

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter: @Chernique.

Instagram: @chernique_llc.


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