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Champiun, Bubble Season Album Review: The Hood’s Favorite Rapper


“Koopa, from Lil’ Supa!”

Champiun AKA Champ Brown, is the hood’s favorite rapper. Since 2014, the Moss Point native, more importantly, K-Town representa, has been giving the hood albums that many would consider classics. Six projects later, he has blessed the streets again with Bubble Season.

We gon’ bubble

Then we gon’ pop

Produced by Marlo Mixed It, the melodic beats paired with pain and joy, it’s clear that the independent artist has truly lived the life that he raps about. He ain’t flaugin’!

As a murder charge once lingered over his head and a few run ins with the feds, many would say that the rapper is lucky to be free, much less be alive. But, Champiun has a motto, “F.L.I.P.” F-ck Living in Prison and it is quite evident that he means that.

Beat it like Michael

Duck and dodge indictments

Go to trial, fight it

Knock it out like Tyson

The 15-track body of work takes you on a journey in the hood. If you’re from the South, specifically Moss Point, MS, then, you probably feel like you went on a mental journey from the old Ed Mayo to MLK, back to Lil’ Supa, busting a block through the LCB, and heading back to Lil’ Supa, especially on a Friday night, where it all once went down–chilling in the parking lot and at the car wash.

Compared to his other projects, this is actually the first one that I’ve been able to listen to repeatedly and not skip any songs. It’s no secret that homeboy is hard as hell, like any man from the hood.

They handled me bad

When I didn’t have a bag

Smiled at my face

Behind my back they laughed

While speaking facts, some of his work can be so abrasive that, unless you’re living the life, you won’t be able to enjoy it.

But, while sticking to his true self, K-Town’s preacher of the hood, was able to make a solid body of work that we all could appreciate. From Losses, Still Want it, RN, and Jesus, it’s clear that he has become a bit more well rounded, while still staying grounded to his traditional hood dialect and diction.

He didn’t leave out the ladies. Still Want It is him saying he doesn’t care how much it costs, he gon’ pay for it, LMAOOO! When I first heard it, I laughed cuz of the $40 jokes that are all over FB. You can’t be no broke one sangin’ this one, OKKKUURRRTTT!

P-y got a price on it

I still want it

If you’re feeling like hearing from the hood today, listen to Bubble Season. It’ll make you put on a pair of neon tights, halter top paired with a City Gworlz ponytail and eat a snowball, while on the passenger side of yo man’s car. Or, if you’re a dude, you may wanna put on a pair of ’95 Airmax, roll up a nice one, and ride where ever I-10 takes you.

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