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2018 Midterm Recap

I have been holding on to this 2018 midterm recap waiting on the outcome of the Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams race. Now that those are both over, I can offer my take on the 2018 midterm election cycle. It is officially one for the books. I’m so impressed and inspired by Stacey Abram’s nonconcession speech.  She spoke with such passion, conviction, and determination to set things right in the great state of Georgia. She spoke not just on behalf of democratic voters disenfranchised but for all the citizens of…

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GQ Names Serena Williams ‘Woman of the Year,’ Insults Her in the Process?

Recently, Serena Williams was named Woman of the Year, by GQ. But, many people were giving the magazine a serious side-eye, because ‘woman’ was placed in quotation marks. Considering men who were named ‘Man of the Year,’ Michael B. Jordan, Jonah Hill and Henry Golding, had no quotations in their title, I certainly understand why people have an issue. We all know that many wypipo and those who are deeply rooted in misogyny have always stated that the Grand Slam winner appeared to be masculine. Some have even said she…

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The Rise of Women in Politics 

The rise of women in politics. Never poke the beehive are wise instructions. Yet, it does not appear that men in politics got the memo. Year after year both women rights and their bodies continued to be under attack.   In 2017, the Trump administration removed protections previously covered under former President Obama’s administration, Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Orders.  These protections in part “prevented secret and forced arbitration meetings from being used on sexual harassment victims at Federal Companies”. Women subject to these agreements were often “women and people…

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Civil Rights Restoration: When Will Politicians Stop Playing God by Deciding Who Gets A Second Chance?

I remember working as a college advisor and having to  watch helplessly as some  students would have to drop out of school . Them dropping out had nothing to do with their ambition, but everything to do with their past. A past that involved felonies. Because of those felonies they were no longer eligible for federal student aid. Neither could they afford to pay out of pocket.  With limited employment opportunities, and no voice to change things by way of voting. One by one the doors would close. According to…

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In the Fight Against Injustice, Everyone Has a Voice

In the fight against injustice, everyone has a voice. Don’t let your background, financial status, or lack of degrees stop you from speaking up and out! Slavery is still allowed in prison according to the 13th amendment. I ask myself how did the generations that came before me allow this to happen? Did they get so wrapped up in being “free” and looked at prisoners as a nuisance and did not bother to fight that clause? It’s extremely bothersome, considering how mass incarceration impacts black families in the present. I…

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