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Getting Out Of Your Own Way and Embracing Success

Author – Sekinah Brodie Success is a subjective multi-layered concept which, to the average person holds an unattainable standard. Whatever your version of success is you will need to detach from certain habits and ideas to attain it. Removing toxic people, being ready for change, ignoring self doubt, refusing to make excuses, and realizing that you will outgrow people are crucial to embracing success. With this in mind, here’s some ways to get out of your own way and embrace your success. Removing toxic people One of the hardest things…

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Women on the Way: A Holistic Approach to Servicing College Students

Women’s History Month has been fantastic indeed. I had the opportunity to speak and vend at several events hosted by Saint Petersburg College’s (SPC),  Women on the Way  (WOW). In fact, I want to take a moment to share with you just how awesome their support system is. Established in 1981 as a “mission and resource center for women”,  in its 37 years of existence WOW has grown mightly. “The effort was spearheaded by Dr. Vilma Zalupski, the college’s first female Provost (Clearwater Campus); Bobbie Hinson, Career Center Director; and…

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New Music: Toni Braxton Nails It In Her New Single, “Long As I Live”

New Music Alert: Toni Braxton has released the stunning visuals for her new single “Long As I Live”.  She is giving so much life, yes ma’am. The bonus though is Tamar and Towanda joining her in the video with their mean two-step routine!! I have one word…Fiya.  The world  could surely use some good ole R&B and hunny,  Ms. Braxton is the one to bring it!  Word on the street is that Toni is set to go on tour in the spring. Love looks real good on her. Since taking…

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Erika Alexander and Her New Production Company Color Farm: Getting Diversity Right

Sang it with me now, ” we are living, single….in a 90’s kind of world, I’m glad I got my girls.”  Congratulations are in order to Erica Alexander (who portrayed our beloved Maxine Shaw in the 90’s hit sitcom “Living Single and Cousin Pam on the Cosby Show). Erika and her business partner Ben Arnon are looking to sprinkle some creativity magic  behind the camera with their new production company, Color Farm. Efforts such as theirs highlight the very importance of diversity in the entertainment industry. Their perspective on diversity…

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On The Run Tour II : Beyonce` and Jay-Z Love To Play With Our Emotions

Beyonce` and Jay-Z love to play with our emotions. First, we have not seen the twins in ages and paparazzi pictures don’t count! Then  Jay hits us with 4:44 , then gave us dope visuals and mini films to go along with it.  No new music from Beyonce, but she did grace us with her vocals on a DJ Khaled’s new track “Top Off” also featuring Jay-Z and Future. Now we are getting blessed with an On The Run Tour II. I can’t with them darn Carter’s.  My mind can’t…

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Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time : A Movie That’s Right On Time

<<NO SPOILERS>> This was the first movie that I  have ever jotted down notes while watching – seriously. Well, they were more like nuggets. My granddaughter and I watched “A Wrinkle in Time” over weekend and despite the reviews coming in, I actually enjoyed it.  Was it perfect, no; but what movie is?    A Wrinkle in Time, is right on time. Especially as it relates to how young black girls and women view themselves in  society. I asked my granddaughter which character did she like the best and she…

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Did You Watch? 90th Academy Awards

Update Congratulations to Jordan Peel,  for taking home the award for ‘Best Original Screenplay for the his movie “Get Out”. Coco, Best Animated Feature Kobe Bryant – Best Animated Short Film “Dear Basketball” Will you be watching the 90th Academy Awards Show? The 90th Oscars will air live on ABC on Sunday, March 4, 2018 from the Dolby Theater at the Hollywood & Highland Center. The nominee line-up looks pretty good. As with any award show, I have my favorites picked out in advance.  The nominees for “Actress in Supporting…

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Empowerment: A Word That Will Never Be Cliche For Me

The word empowerment will never be cliche for me because it embodies sooo much.   My week ended so beautifully. I must work on my timing though. I started a 7 seven day cleanse and two of those seven days I had speaking engagements. Note to self, don’t do that ish again! Trying to speak through the bubble guts ain’t the business. Any who, I had a very busy, but productive week. My highlights include the I Am Royalty Teen Summit, Women’s Empowerment Brunch, and a nice family get together…

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Eric Benet and Faith Evans Announce Duets Tour, plus Musiq Soulchild and Marsha Ambrosius release duet “For Better For Worse”

The ever busy Faith Evans, and never aging Eric Benet, are set to go on tour beginning June 2018. The pair will embark on their “Duets Tour:  “A Lifetime of Music in One Night.”  I remember seeing Faith on the “Puff Daddy and the Family Bad Boys Reunion Tour”, and her voice was flawless as ever.  Her “King and I” album was actually pretty dope! I believe both will put on  a solid performance and produce a show watching. R&B could definitely use this at the moment. Okay so the song…

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Will You Watch? Furlough: Starring Tessa Thompson, Whoopi Goldberg and La La Anthony

Movies that explore mother daughter relationships always get me.  “Furlough”, starring Tessa Thompson as a  guard charged with transporting a prisoner on a “deathbed visit” .  The format seems to flow a little like a Tyler film, funny, but with good lessons woven into the story. Whoopi Goldberg (Tessa’s mom)  I’m sure will give us much  to laugh about. I miss seeing Whoopi on the big screen.   LaLa Anthony also stars in the film as well.  She can’t be doing to much though, because I need her in tip top…

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