[#girlkeepgoing] Dating Again & I Absolutely Love it: Men are Actually Adults!

Might bend it ova/Love you like Sosa Suuusssss, it’s been a while but yo girl back on the dating scene, and I am actually ‘dating,’ while enjoying the journey of finding out what I actually like. Back in the gap, I was never a serial dater. No matter how hard I tried, I would only vibe with one dude and keep the others in my back pocket like lose change. These days, every last one of ‘em are in my back pocket. I’m building a roster. Since not only loving…

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[#girlkeepgoing] I’m Glad to *still* be Here—Four Tips to Overcoming Setbacks

Life is a beautiful mess/A beautiful mess I’m crying/I’m trying/ I feel like I’m dyin/I’m doing my best Today, I was driving and it dawned on me. Everyday I wake up and go to sleep in a city folks only dream about but most won’t ever visit, let alone live. My life isn’t even remotely close to how it was last year, around this time. I had just moved from ATL back to Memphis, in order to prepare for this life changing event. I was also in a serious relationship…

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[#girlkeepgoing] Tips to Cultivate Self Love—Be yo own Soulmate (fvck Looking for one)

‘Cuz I’m my own soulmate/I know how to love me/ I’m always gon’ hold me down I’m no relationship expert. As I get wiser, I don’t even subscribe to the idea that there are true relationship experts. As a matter of fact, we need more life experts—focusing on self actualization. Once we figure out our highest potential, we are better to ourselves and everyone else. Which actually brings me to my point, be your own soulmate. F-k looking for one. Welp, if you are a regular reader, you know I…

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[#girlkeepgoing] Lean in: Don’t get Stuck in Sadness

Wwwhhhheeewww! I’m soooo glad that I’m no longer hurting but I’m hopeful, happy, and healing. These days, I’m moving forward and just enjoying my new life that I’m creating for myself.  I’m still tryna figure shit out, but I have a center again. My sleeping pattern is back to normal. I’m no longer on stress reduced meds. I’m not stuck in the past. I’m living for now & the future. See, I spent the first 120 days of this year crying, depressed, sad, angry, and a host of other emotions…

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(#girlkeepgoing) Happy, Hurting, & Healing—I Didn’t Love Myself…Enough

Welp, last time I got this transparent is when I posted about choosing myself and how it sucks. At that time, I was moderately depressed and crying daily. My mind raced constantly, non-stop. Depression had me stuck for three whole months. I barely worked, went out, or even did anything. The one thang I made sure to do was write. If there’s one thang I can do, no matter how I feel, that is journal. I can always journal. At this point, I have gained clarity—so much clarity. I have…

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