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Taylor Gordon “The Pocket Queen” : Literally Marching To The Beat Of Her Own Drum

I was casually strolling on my timeline and noticed a young woman getting down on the drums, I’m talking about straight killing it. So me, being the inquisitive blogger that I am, clicked on her profile.   It was at that moment, that I entered into what I would describe as “rhythm heaven”.  I love live music. I appreciate skilled musicians that have truly mastered their craft. Ms. Taylor Gordon “The Pocket Queen” has done that. She is also a producer and writer. You have to check her out. If…

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WOW, SPC, Tonjua, Williams, Women Education Entertainment Inspiration 

Women on the Way: A Holistic Approach to Servicing College Students

Women’s History Month has been fantastic indeed. I had the opportunity to speak and vend at several events hosted by Saint Petersburg College’s (SPC),  Women on the Way  (WOW). In fact, I want to take a moment to share with you just how awesome their support system is. Established in 1981 as a “mission and resource center for women”,  in its 37 years of existence WOW has grown mightly. “The effort was spearheaded by Dr. Vilma Zalupski, the college’s first female Provost (Clearwater Campus); Bobbie Hinson, Career Center Director; and…

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Ava, Duvernay, A, Wrinkle, In, Time Entertainment Inspiration 

Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time : A Movie That’s Right On Time

<<NO SPOILERS>> This was the first movie that I  have ever jotted down notes while watching – seriously. Well, they were more like nuggets. My granddaughter and I watched “A Wrinkle in Time” over weekend and despite the reviews coming in, I actually enjoyed it.  Was it perfect, no; but what movie is?    A Wrinkle in Time, is right on time. Especially as it relates to how young black girls and women view themselves in  society. I asked my granddaughter which character did she like the best and she…

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Empowerment: A Word That Will Never Be Cliche For Me

The word empowerment will never be cliche for me because it embodies sooo much.   My week ended so beautifully. I must work on my timing though. I started a 7 seven day cleanse and two of those seven days I had speaking engagements. Note to self, don’t do that ish again! Trying to speak through the bubble guts ain’t the business. Any who, I had a very busy, but productive week. My highlights include the I Am Royalty Teen Summit, Women’s Empowerment Brunch, and a nice family get together…

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AWIA’s Women Empowerment Cruise: Authentic Bonds

Alright, so the weekend is over with and it’s back to that weekday grind!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend because I know I did.  Marcela Paschal of Elite Visions hosted the Inaugural  AWIA’s Women Empowerment Cruise.  If I had to sum up the entire event with one statement that statement would be,  authentic women – building authentic bonds. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We supported one another in business endeavors and had some great moments of transparency.  During our speakers session Rachael “The Credit Lady”  dropped some…

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Focused, Fearless, Brunch Inspiration 

Focused and Fearless Brunch: Unity, Love, Support and Accountability

The Focused and Fearless Brunch was a great success. I never thought that I would gain lessons from planning one though. Two weeks prior to the event, Hurricane Irma appeared.  My family and I decided to evacuate from the storm.  I debated on changing the date of the event or canceling it all together. Thankfully a little sense of normalcy returned and the event went on as scheduled. Furthermore, one of the greatest lesson that stood out to me was to always have a back-up plan.  Things will go wrong,…

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Black Girl Magic: Why I Can’t Get Enough of It and Why the World Needs It

Black Girl Magic a concept that was genius to began with and birthed by CaShawn Thompson. Black Girl Magic, when on display is a reminder of our greatness. It is a reminder of our brilliance and just how far we can go when we take the limits off;  whether they are self imposed or not. The concept and later creation of the hash tag, #BlackGirlMagic caused a bit of controversy.     Too often non black people have attempted to  drive the narrative surrounding black women and their blackness. The…

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Valentine's Day, Love, Relationships, Holiday, Money, Blues, Shake Inspiration 

Shake off the Valentine’s Day Blues

One of the most beautiful days to celebrate love is just around the corner.  You would think that a day that centers around celebrating love, wouldn’t be such a downer for some; but it is.   Most advertisements centered around Valentine’s Day feature couples. Couples happily in love wining and dining each other.  Um, okay. Here are five ways to kick the Valentine’s Day Blues Focus on the love that surrounds you and embrace it Take your children or another family member that may not get out often out to dinner.…

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