Podcast Episode 9 Jamiah Dancil, CEO of MiaJay Foods

Janet Michelle interviews Jamiah Dancil, CEO of MiaJay Foods. I hesitate to say that black women are making a come back in the food industry, because if you check their history they always been at the forefront of meal planning and recipes that get passed down from generations to generations.   Recipes that have created world famous restaurants and products.  During my interview with Jamiah we talk about food, family, and spices.  Balancing life while providing a healthy meal for your family.  Listen to the podcast here. 79 SharesTweetShare79

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The Affirmation Cookbook by Recording Artist, Lisa McClendon

Source: Lisa McClendon Lisa McClendon is a world renowned, award-winning recording artist, a song bird with a voice that gives you goosebumps. But did you also know that she is the author of “The Affirmation Cookbook?” Books such as hers are a welcomed addition to the food landscape. Especially since, “African-Americans are disproportionately affected by obesity; among non-Hispanic blacks age 20 and older, 63 percent of men and 77 percent of women are overweight or obese.” Eating healthier can in fact reduce ones chances of developing heart disease. Lisa McClendon…

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My First Diner En Blanc  Experience: West Palm Beach

I have just one thing to say, put Diner En Blanc on your 2018 calendar.   Diner en Blanc – “dinner in white”- is the mother of all white parties. The concept was birthed in 1989 by Francois Paquier.  He decided to have dinner with friends after being away for a while.  Many of his requested to join him, so they were instructed to wear white in order to be easily identified. D.E.B. has grown to become a huge  event occurring all across the globe. One of largest gatherings recorded occurred…

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Here in Florida, our winters are mild compared to other places in the country, but that does not stop me from enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa.  Since learning how to make my own, that’s the only way I prefer to drink it.  Hot cocoa  from a  packet just seems so wrong.  I hope you enjoy my recipe for  it.  The recipe doesn’t mention this, but try grinding up a frozen mini Snickers candy bar. Add the ground candy bar to  the bottom of your cup, then pour your…

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Deuces BBQ!

  Where my foodies at? The food scene in St. Petersburg is lit and I plan to show you why.  Last week I had the chance to check-out Deuces BBQ, located at 911 22nd Street South.  I decided to try their new menu item, The Deuces Porky Mac Daddy – “A massive mac and cheese waffle, made fresh and topped with slow smoked pulled pork” with the  mini Sweet Potato Cake for dessert. Listen, I could not finish the entire meal. The mac and cheese waffle was cooked to perfection, the slow…

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