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Tech Squares Lab 100 Minority Women Initiative: BuiltxWomen

I was casually strolling along my Twitter feed when I noticed the #BuiltxWomen. So me, the always curious blogger decided to check it out.  I’m glad I did, because I found out about this amazing initiative by Tech Squares Lab out of Atlanta, GA. Get this, the BuiltxWomen initiative is meant to “increase the high-growth percentage of minority female-founded startups”.   There is an application process. If selected, the recipient gets to work for 6 months on a part-time basis out of the Tech Squares Lab. “While in the program, they…

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Whitney Nicole and the Culture Krave Experience

Whew, hello Monday! I had one heck of a weekend thanks to the most amazing opportunity. If you don’t know Whitney Nicole, you should get to know her. When I tell you she is a marketing and networking beast, believe all of that.  This amazing visionary of a women hosted an exclusive mega three day networking event under her brand – Culture Krave. Day one – Cirque Du Chic II, was nothing short of dope. Guest were able to network and dance the night away in the finest of threads.…

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Wonderlust Spa and Boutique: A Dream Deferred, but Not Denied

Women are truly resilient. Despite everything sent to break us, we somehow manage to get back up. While out supporting a friend for her soft product launch, I ended up meeting another beautiful female entrepreneur. Phala Thesian, part owner of  Wanderlust Spa and Boutique. So as a bonus, I was able to interview her as well. It is my hope that you are truly inspired by her drive and determination. JM: Tell me a little bit about your business. PT: Wanderlust is a spa and boutique that offers manicures, pedicures…

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Unstoppable: Female Entrepreneur – Katrina Aborisade

I posted something recently about amplifying  the yes in ones life. Too often we talk ourselves out of greatness because we are so busy listening to that inward voice of doubt. Since launching  Janet Michelle, I have come into contact with some of the most amazing women. Women that aren’t afraid to pursue their dreams and passions. Women that have taken life by the horns and are riding the heck out of it. It is, If I must say, totally dope. Even greater, is the ability to bring these stories…

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Creating Your Own Path After A Successful Partnership

  I enjoy stories of what I like to call “business courage.” I had the pleasure of covering a night of celebration for Marla Wade, currently an Agent of In & Out Quick Bail Bonds.  The order of celebration was in Marla’s decision to start her own Bail Bonds Company, Marla Wades Bail Bonds.  In a field heavily dominated by men, this is truly a bawse move! Friends and family poured in to wish Marla well on her new journey.   Marla’s decision made me think about many others that…

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Are You Committed Financially to Your Dream of Starting A Business?

Are you making your dream of starting a business a financial priority?  When you are strapped for cash, making  your dreams a priority can seem almost impossible. Or, maybe you’re not strapped for cash, but your discretionary income is tied up in non essentials purchases. For every thought you have about investing in your dream, a bill is there as a subtle reminder of life’s responsibilities.  Or maybe it’s that cute pair of shoes you have had your eyes on. It’s not impossible, in most cases you have to shift…

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Married to the Job

Are you so married to your job to the point that you are short changing yourself professionally?  I asked myself that question after being on my job for eight years with restricted progress.   I loved what I did, but I realized that my opportunities for increased growth were limited. I also realized that my job no longer fit my talent and skills.  The thought of leaving used to leave me paralyzed. Initially, I made up every excuse to stay. I belonged to a wonderful organization. I was able to obtain…

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