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Working the Dream: Krowns And Kontours

Krowns And Konturs is the dream of  Krystal Spaulding and she’s working it. After graduating early and having the smarts to attend any college or university, she decided to follow her dream of becoming a business owner instead.  After attending Pinellas Technical College and majoring in cosmetology her journey began.  The future looks bright for this young lady, read more about her from our interview.  JM: Tell me a little bit about your business. KK: Krowns And Kontours is a beauty studio that provides many hair styling services as well…

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Hair, Weave, Beauty, Female, Entrepreuer Beauty Entertainment Entreprenuership 

Sarah Black: The Weave Whisperer and Owner of Locks of Luxury

Sarah Black is truly a sister about her coin!  I affectionately call her the “Weave Whisperer” because she is so knowledgeable about the hair weave industry.  Locks of Luxury is a premium Virgin hair company that provides high quality hair at an affordable price.  It’s also  company that is very passionate about providing excellent products, coupled with exceptional customer service, so that their customers have a positive experience anytime they interact with Locks of Luxury.  The company serves women of all ethnicities, because hair is a universal language so they don’t…

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Content, Queen, Caution Entertainment Entreprenuership 

Content is Queen: Submit Your Work With Care And Caution

Content is queen. Submit your work with care and caution. I’m learning out here in this world of writing to look at the fine print. Recently, I submitted an entry to Spotify’s call for women of color podcasters. Later on in the week, I read a post on Twitter from a young lady outlining why she did not submit anything. What she shared made me wish that I had not submitted anything as well. Reason being, when you submit something you lose all rights to the work indefinitely without compensation.…

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Success, Women, Embracing, Success, Getting, Out, Of, Your, Own, Way Entertainment Entreprenuership 

Getting Out Of Your Own Way and Embracing Success

Author – Sekinah Brodie Success is a subjective multi-layered concept which, to the average person holds an unattainable standard. Whatever your version of success is you will need to detach from certain habits and ideas to attain it. Removing toxic people, being ready for change, ignoring self doubt, refusing to make excuses, and realizing that you will outgrow people are crucial to embracing success. With this in mind, here’s some ways to get out of your own way and embrace your success. Removing toxic people One of the hardest things…

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Introducing Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant : Pamela “Queen P Bling” Hicks

The Paparazzi Jewelry Company has truly taken the world by storm.  Allow me to introduce to you Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant Pamela “Queen P Bling” Hicks. What woman you know is going to turn down accessories at 5 bucks a pop?   Pamela was introduced to Paparazzi by a friend. She has grown to love being a consultant because “it is a great source income and the accessories are very fashionable”.   She has now made Director status within the organization.  An added bonus is the support that her husband, Raymond provides.…

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Diyanu, Black, History, Black, Panther Entreprenuership Fashion 

D’iyanu – Entrepreneurship Inspiration

D’iyanu  and their brand story serves up a great deal of inspiration. I was online when their ad popped up in my feed. With the excitement of  “Black Panther” just around the corner, I hoped on over and browsed their website. Me the curious blogger, wanted to know if the business was black owned and not just black faced. I was pleased to find out that D’iyanu is indeed a black owned company and their brand story inspired me tremendously.  There selection is huge and to see how passionate they…

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Black, Women, Tech, Builtx Entreprenuership 

Tech Squares Lab 100 Minority Women Initiative: BuiltxWomen

I was casually strolling along my Twitter feed when I noticed the #BuiltxWomen. So me, the always curious blogger decided to check it out.  I’m glad I did, because I found out about this amazing initiative by Tech Squares Lab out of Atlanta, GA. Get this, the BuiltxWomen initiative is meant to “increase the high-growth percentage of minority female-founded startups”.   There is an application process. If selected, the recipient gets to work for 6 months on a part-time basis out of the Tech Squares Lab. “While in the program, they…

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Whitney, Nicole, Culture, Krave Entreprenuership 

Whitney Nicole and the Culture Krave Experience

Whew, hello Monday! I had one heck of a weekend thanks to the most amazing opportunity. If you don’t know Whitney Nicole, you should get to know her. When I tell you she is a marketing and networking beast, believe all of that.  This amazing visionary of a women hosted an exclusive mega three day networking event under her brand – Culture Krave. Day one – Cirque Du Chic II, was nothing short of dope. Guest were able to network and dance the night away in the finest of threads.…

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Wonderlust, Spa, Boutique Entreprenuership 

Wonderlust Spa and Boutique: A Dream Deferred, but Not Denied

Women are truly resilient. Despite everything sent to break us, we somehow manage to get back up. While out supporting a friend for her soft product launch, I ended up meeting another beautiful female entrepreneur. Phala Thesian, part owner of  Wanderlust Spa and Boutique. So as a bonus, I was able to interview her as well. It is my hope that you are truly inspired by her drive and determination. JM: Tell me a little bit about your business. PT: Wanderlust is a spa and boutique that offers manicures, pedicures…

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