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Brand Poaching

Brand Poaching!  What it is and why it gets on my one last good nerve. Seriously though, it is often said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. That’s all well n’ good until someone totally rips your product or idea and fails to give you an ounce of credit. I have noticed this, particularly amongst black beauty brands and creatives. Here recently, Sephora, Moschino, and Beauty Guru Jeremey Scott collaborated to produce a line of cosmetic items that look eerily similar to “The Crayon Case” a brand owned…

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Monday & Co.’s Cowork Pop- Up Event – Atlanta

Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a Cowork Pop-up Event at Monday & Co “located in Atlanta, in the historic Old Fourth Ward near MLK Park.”  The event was hosted by CEO, Candice VanWye and COO, Michelle Benjamin of  Brown Girl Bloggers. I have attended several conferences, but this was my first “cowork” type of event.  We were met with a well-appointed workspace, hot coffee and a delicious assortment of pastries; lunch was also provided.  Creatives were encouraged to bring their own equipment. Each working space seated four people and was equipped with electrical outlets.  As a…

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Entrepreneurship Looks Different…Creating the Lifestyle You Desire

Many content creators—when working on conception, articles, pitches, content lists—work from their phones. The only time I use my laptop is when I am creating a deck—proposal/pitch. Other than that, my phone has every thang I need—every thang— to be productive. Unfortunately, I don’t edit so I outsource that. I have created decks on my phone but it’s too damn annoying—lmao! Once I create my decks or something that’s more fitting to work on from a computer, I go right back to my phone & send my emails. Google Drive…

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Episode 3: Tiffanie Walton, RN and CEO of Neat Health Services LLC

In episode three we hear Tiffanie Walton, RN and CEO of Neat Health Services LLC. Tiffanie is also the Author of  A Caregivers Guide for Deciding on both Long and Shortrerm Facility Admissions. We discuss PrEp the HIV prevention medication, as well how education can help in closing medical gaps of care along with several other topics.  Catch the interview here. 147 SharesTweetShare147

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4th Annual The FabulouslyUnique Natural Hair and Beauty Expo (FABU)

The FabulouslyUnique Natural Hair and Beauty Expo (FABU)  was nothing short of amazing. Presented by Alikay Naturals and held at the Florida State Fairgrounds, Florida Center.  In its fourth year, the Expo is the love project of Rochelle Graham-Campbell, CEO and Founder of Alikay Naturals  and Creator of the L.O.C. Method.  With the chief goal being to “empower, educate and encourage” owners and consumers of hair, skin, and health/wellness brands. This year’s FABU Expo featured information packed workshops such as: Loving My Hair With Style the Natural Way, Mommy and Me…

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