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Black Panther ‘s Killmonger and Why I Get His Anger!

–SPOILER ALERT– Yes, Black Panther is killing it at the box office. The movie only confirms what some of us has known for years, that we are some dope ass people!  It’s nice to see that displayed on the big screen for a change. All of the characters in Black Panther were well thought out and developed. However, there was one character, Erik Killmonger  the villain, played brilliantly by  Jordan B. Johnson, that really stuck with me. After leaving the theater his last words “Nah, bury me in the ocean…

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My Black Panther Movie Experience

Don’t worry there aren’t any spoilers!! My Black Panther Experience -Listen you are going to want to see this again! I’m not going to spoil it for those who have not seen the movie yet. But baby, when I tell you it’s loaded with black power, black girl magic, black excellence all that ..yes all that . I promise I don’t think I have ever cried during a super hero movie. Black Panther in two hours raises your consciousness, instills wisdom, challenges your truths and assumptions built around the influence of…

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She Ready: Get To Know Some of the Black Women Running for Office in Florida

She Ready- get to know some of the black women running for office in the great state of Florida.  I was very inspired by Kesha Lance – Bottoms successful bid for Mayor of Atlanta, GA. Furthermore, the more I began to dig, I started to find other success stories of African-American women running for office and winning.  So, I got to thinking about who’s running in my state – Florida. I wasn’t aware of any resources were  I could readily access this information. That is until,  Awesomely Luvvie partnered with…

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Sarah Black: The Weave Whisperer and Owner of Locks of Luxury

Sarah Black is truly a sister about her coin!  I affectionately call her the “Weave Whisperer” because she is so knowledgeable about the hair weave industry.  Locks of Luxury is a premium Virgin hair company that provides high quality hair at an affordable price.  It’s also  company that is very passionate about providing excellent products, coupled with exceptional customer service, so that their customers have a positive experience anytime they interact with Locks of Luxury.  The company serves women of all ethnicities, because hair is a universal language so they don’t…

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Janet Jackson Appreciation Day and the Release of Control 32 Years Ago

Yes, today is Janet Jackson Appreciation Day!  “Filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry kick started the idea of honoring Janet Jackson in light of the NFL supposedly banning Janet but invited Justin Timberlake back to perform at this year’s Super Bowl in Minneapolis. Also, it was on this day, Feb. 4, 1986, that Janet released her breakthrough album, Control.” The fact that Janet is not performing serves as a stark reminder of the society in which we live. Men apparently play by a different set of rules! Any who, “It’s Janet. Miss. Jackson…

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Welcome to Black History Month

Welcome to Black History Month. I’m especially excited to hear about the achievements of black women.  There is so much value in understanding the plight of those that have come before you. When then things seem bleak or impossible, be reminded of our ability to overcome some of the most harsh conditions. Food, fashion, entrepreneurship, education, community, and wealth let’s celebrate it all. Black people are resilient, powerful,  intelligent, creative, loving, and the world just would not be same without us! Take a moment to attend some community events or…

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Black Panther Actors and Guest Show Up Dressed Like Royalty for the Premier

I got my entire life this morning looking at the Black Panther actors and guests dressed in their regal attire for the world premier.  The movie doesn’t open officially until February 16th.  The reviews from the premier are coming in and they are good! Black Panther is a bonified hit!   On top of this, Marvel has just released another trailer for the movie. According to some of the early reviews, the costumes, story plot and cultural significance are all on point.   I know I will have to see this movie…

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En Vogue Releases Hot New Track: Rocket

Take a peek at En Vogue’s  hot new track- Rocket. The ladies are giving us  that futuristic fashionista vibe as only they know how.  Following this will be the release of their album, “Electric Cafe” slated for March 30th.   I had the opportunity to hear them live in concert last year and they still have those pristine pipes. Never missing a note and always on key.  I am waiting with great anticipation for their most recent effort. With groups like En Vogue, I’m always reminded about how a good brand…

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Negro Please: Jill Scott’s Estranged Husband seeking $500,000

Yes, Jill Scott’s estranged husband gets the “Negro Please” award, asking for $500,000 for  alleged “pain and suffering” as reported by Madamenoire.  I recall reading some statements he made earlier in an exclusive interview with Bossip during the year in the early stages of the breakdown of the relationship. He stated, “She’s an evil woman,”  “I’m telling you.”  “It’s like what Jill Scott wants, Jill Scott gets. People are in her ear, and if someone comes in to challenge the dumb s**t, they made me be the bad guy and that got me…

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Pipeline to Possibilities: The Passion of Four Female African-American Judges

“Pipeline to Possibilities is a program committed to educating youth on various aspects of the justice system & inspiring youth to become leaders in society.” The program was created by four female African-American Judges. The judges are also members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. respectively.

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