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Free Beginner Blogging Course

Establish your blog with this free beginner blogging course As somewhat of an introvert, I found blogging to be the perfect outlet for expressing my thoughts, hopes, and expectations. Prior to blogging, journaling was my go-to medium.  In 2017 I decided to switch it up a bit an use my platform exclusively to highlight the strength, achievements, and creativity of women, black women in particular. I had grown tired of the lack of positive representation in media, so I decided to do something about it. I also use the platform…

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The books are officially closed on another Focused and Fearless Brunch.  Thank you to everyone that supported the event. Whether you purchased a ticket, shared it on your page or simply told someone about it, Thank you!  I would also like to thank the phenomenal guest authors, Dr. Carleah East, Stephanie A. Wynn, Lisa McClendon, and Monica Rhodes.  The staff at the Birchwood were amazing. Their service was A1.  The food was fresh and delicious. I left inspired and understanding just how important it is to share your story. Never…

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Women on the Way: A Holistic Approach to Servicing College Students

Women’s History Month has been fantastic indeed. I had the opportunity to speak and vend at several events hosted by Saint Petersburg College’s (SPC),  Women on the Way  (WOW). In fact, I want to take a moment to share with you just how awesome their support system is. Established in 1981 as a “mission and resource center for women”,  in its 37 years of existence WOW has grown mightly. “The effort was spearheaded by Dr. Vilma Zalupski, the college’s first female Provost (Clearwater Campus); Bobbie Hinson, Career Center Director; and…

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Picking up the Pieces Academically

I truly believe that no one sets out to flunk college.  As with anything, life does not stop because you decide to enroll into school. You can have the best of intentions and yet things happen. For the young person fresh out of high school, it could be the fact that you weren’t used to your new found freedom. You didn’t know how to handle your new social and academic lifestyle.  For the single parent, your support system may have broken down, or you were laid off from your job.…

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