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The books are officially closed on another Focused and Fearless Brunch.  Thank you to everyone that supported the event. Whether you purchased a ticket, shared it on your page or simply told someone about it, Thank you!  I would also like to thank the phenomenal guest authors, Dr. Carleah East, Stephanie A. Wynn, Lisa McClendon, and Monica Rhodes.  The staff at the Birchwood were amazing. Their service was A1.  The food was fresh and delicious. I left inspired and understanding just how important it is to share your story. Never…

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A Young Woman Ready to Leave Her Social Footprint by Helping Others

The beautiful thing about hardships is that they are great for developing an attitude of toughness and increasing ones ability to overcome when others may be subdued.   They are also great for producing the desire to want to help others succeed. Such is the case for Chosen Womanhood’s Founder and Executive Director Angelica Davis.  A young woman ready to make her social footprint by helping others. People can say what they want about our young people or “millennials”, but I have met some amazing individuals along my journey. Young…

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Community Jewels: The Very Resources You Need Are Right In Front You. #BurgInspired

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of talent  and love that people have not only for the city, but for those that reside in it. Speakers, entrepreneurs, community activists, authors, musicians, educational professionals  and medical professionals  that have  enough passion and will to act on that passion is a beautiful thing to witness. These people are in fact our “Community Jewels”. Initially, I had planned to attend and cover a  Mansion Party, hosted by Fashion Designer Sherri, of Styles by Sherri. Unfortunately, the event had to be rescheduled;…

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Education Matters Community Meeting: Advocating For Your Children

During the meeting hosted by Brother John Muhammad, President of the Neighborhood Association of Childs Park, several citizen led efforts that addressed the advocating of children were presented.  One thing is clear, our kids need to know and see that  the community cares about them.  Just imagine for a moment if we packed school board meetings and school functions the way we pack other functions. Our kids are the future, but they are being hit at the knees before they can even began to dream. I’m challenging myself to do…

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Black Excellence: Why Our Light  Must Shine Bright Despite Living In A Country Hell Bent On Dimming It

To rehash the events at this year’s Grammy’s or ones previously would be pointless. We know that story too well. I’m not even going to mention the powerhouse movie “Hidden Figures.”   Perhaps, it’s because I have come to this resolve concerning black excellence; we must continue to  allow our light to shine despite living in a country hell bent on dimming it. Nevertheless, before the power of  black history was truly understood, I used to feel inferior.  Especially, in high school, then later on entering the workforce.   In  retrospect, it…

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