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Brand Poaching

Brand Poaching!  What it is and why it gets on my one last good nerve. Seriously though, it is often said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. That’s all well n’ good until someone totally rips your product or idea and fails to give you an ounce of credit. I have noticed this, particularly amongst black beauty brands and creatives. Here recently, Sephora, Moschino, and Beauty Guru Jeremey Scott collaborated to produce a line of cosmetic items that look eerily similar to “The Crayon Case” a brand owned…

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Natural Hair Documentary: Take Back the Crown

Natural Hair Documentary: Take Back the Crown, demonstrates how black people have grabbed ahold of the narrative surrounding black hair and well, it is about darn time. Also, its high time to admit that the wearing of one’s natural hair is not just some phase, but an integral part of an individual’s expression and way of life. The decision to return back to ones natural texture offers a great deal of support unlike what we have not witnessed in the past. From beauty products to accessories and hair stylist, options…

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2018 Mane Stream Hair and Beauty Expo

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The 2018 Mane Stream Hair and Beauty Expo is a gift to the hair and beauty industry. The expo was held at the beautiful Tampa Bay Convention Center located on the beautiful waterfront of Downtown Tampa at the “mouth of the Hillsborough River”. The expo featured over 30 courses, taught by award winning industry professionals; 13 main stage presentations and competitions, and over 48 vendors.

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4th Annual The FabulouslyUnique Natural Hair and Beauty Expo (FABU)

The FabulouslyUnique Natural Hair and Beauty Expo (FABU)  was nothing short of amazing. Presented by Alikay Naturals and held at the Florida State Fairgrounds, Florida Center.  In its fourth year, the Expo is the love project of Rochelle Graham-Campbell, CEO and Founder of Alikay Naturals  and Creator of the L.O.C. Method.  With the chief goal being to “empower, educate and encourage” owners and consumers of hair, skin, and health/wellness brands. This year’s FABU Expo featured information packed workshops such as: Loving My Hair With Style the Natural Way, Mommy and Me…

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Chernique: The Sweet Smell of Success

Chernique is very much indeed the sweet smell of success. In a male dominated fragrance industry, female owned brands have found their voice and are making their presence known. In fact, according to Nielsen, in 2017 alone, black consumers spent 151 million dollars on women fragrances. Inspired by love of fragrance Chernique developed her signature scent bearing the same name. According to her, its the perfect fragrance that will change your mood, give you confidence or transport you to a desired place and time.  Find out more about her fabulous company…

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