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#BYOBRetreat: My Recap of This Years Event


The Build Your Own Brand Retreat – #BYOBRetreat was nothing short of phenomenal. The Creators Kick-off was both motivating and inspiring.  Guest had the opportunity to get their mind right just before embarking on their BYOBRetreat journey throughout the day.  Navigating the venue was a breeze with the helpful BYOBLive App. From the app, guests could connect with other attendees, map out a schedule of events to attend,  follow guest speakers on their social media platforms, participate in contests, submit questions to be asked during the sessions, and take notes.

This had to be one of the most engaged audiences that I have ever seen. They were diligently taking notes and holding on to every word spoken by the guest presenters. 

BYOBLive. BYOBRetreat, Black Business, Entrepreneurship

Cici Gunn, Founder and CEO of The Six Figure Chick, dropped some major nuggets during her  5 Keys to Instagram Domination segment.  She admonished listeners to:

  1. Start With Clarity 
  2. Build a Community 
  3. Create Content 
  4. Collect Your Coins 
  5. Connect and Communicate
CiCi, The, Six, Figure, Chick, BYOBLive, BYOBRetreat
CiCi Gunn, The Six Figure Chick

There was a robust line-up of sessions. Some of the topics covered during #BYOBRetreat included: 

  • How to build a Cult-Like Movement…For Good 
  • Crushing Course Creation
  • PR 101: How to Pitch Perfect in 2019
  • Spotlight with Dia Simms-President of Combs Enterprises
  • Social Media Instagram Domination
  • Cultural Capital: How to Price Yourself
  • The Blue Print to Publishing
  • Growth to Scale: 10x Sales with Facebook and Instagram Ads.
  • Building Systems that Scale
  • Getting into Real Estate Wealth Building
  • Straight up Tools: Productivity Hacks for Life

It was also inspiring to hear from Dia Simms, the first female and President of Combs Enterprises. During our interview, she spoke about the importance of being dependable and doing what you say you’re going to do. Also, sticking to your word and how saying no, helps you do just that. For more insightful interviews with the brilliant guest speakers at BYOBLive subscribe to our InstaTV Channel.

Dia Simms, BYOBLive, BYOBRetreat, Combs, Enterprises
Drew, Founder of BYOB and Dia Simms, President of Combs Enterprises

What would a retreat be without a diverse line-up of vendors? Over 40 industries from Health & Beauty to Finances & Marketing were represented. I was able to interview a few brands. You can catch the interviews on our InstaTV Channel.

The closing session with Karen Civil was fitting on so many levels. The energy in the room was amazing. Karen dropped several jewels in her session, two of my favorites were,  “Its never about stepping over a dollar to pick up a nickel” and  “I do things in purpose and not just about my bank account.” Sage advice indeed. In the age of social media doing anything for coin is the wave. However understanding quality over quantity is the knowledge that must be embraced.  

Karen, Civil, BYOBLive, BYOBRetreat
Karen Civil, Founder Live Civil Enterprises and Kela Walker, Author and Producer

Hopefully, you don’t get tired of hearing me say this, but If you are a creative, entrepreneur or have been contemplating starting a business; attending this retreat can help you avoid the pitfalls that many others have encountered as business newbies.  It is also an awesome opportunity for networking, cultivating genuine friendships and getting connected to valuable resources.

Continuing one’s education as an entrepreneur has to be a priority. If you can’t afford a conference, look for smaller workshops in your local area or virtually.

Whelp, that’s all folks, well not maybe not. Don’t forget to head on over to our IGTV Channel for Interviews and browse our photo grid below and discover more about the fantastic entrepreneurs. 

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