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Brief Reminder: Social Media is a Controlled Environment


Social media is what you make it. The controlled environment could either bring plenty of laughter or negative energy—it’s up to you.

Often times, people complain about others & we all do it, but the delete or unfollow button is always available.

My TL is pretty positive. Even if there is mess, it’s so small that majority of folks overlook it. But, they are quick to post a screenshot or comment on the latest trending topic. But, that’s a part of it.

Since it is a controlled environment, people must me mindful of who they follow. You can’t be upset at what you see, when you allow it in your space.

So much is on Al Gore’s innanet. Whether you are here for the memes, awareness, vids, or even the lies people tell, know that what you see is up to you.

If you wanna block & delete, do that. You wanna unfollow or shake yo head? Do that to. But, again, it’s a controlled environment. Be mindful of what you’re subjecting yourself to.

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