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Bonding During the Holidays with Older Children




Bonding during the holidays with older children is great. Let’s face it, when our children get older and began to live their own lives, their time spent with parents becomes lessened. Those moments of prepping for holiday meals and decorating the home become very precious and few.  So, if you have older children, I would like to share with you five ways you can bond with them during their busy schedule.

  1. Take advantage of their holiday breaks, especially if they are in college. Have them assist with the preparation of a nice breakfast or dinner.
  2. Don’t be surprised, but making s’mores and homemade hot chocolate is still a winner. Go shopping together to pick out cute mugs beforehand. Snap chat the night of for added fun.
  3. Have them assist with sorting out decorations. Finding old handmade decorations from their childhood makes for great conversation and laughs.
  4. Go craft shopping together, then create new ornaments.
  5. Hop on the road and bring the festivities to them.

I’m looking forward to some quality time with my children this holiday season.


Janet Michelle, xoxo


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