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Black Women: The Backbone of Brands, Don’t Abandon Them In The Quest To Expand Your Products


Black women are the backbone of brands and are not to be abandoned in a companies quest to expand their brand. Over in the Twitter-verse opinions were plenty concerning a  make-up brand. The critique was that the make-up brand rarely partners with black make-up artists. What prompted the criticism was the appearance of a white prominent make-up artist appearing on the brand’s social media platform. 

During the discussion, the about companies, particularly black-owned companies having a great number of followers and supporters, but abandon them in their quest to appeal to people outside of the target audience.  I used to be hard nosed about this topic. In that, I believed that brands should remain loyal to their base. 

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I don’t think black-owned brands that cater to black women should be penalized for wanting to expand. However, in their quest for expansion they should be mindful of their base. Doing things such as changing product recipes and encouraging colorism in advertisements is a sure fire way to alienate brand loyalist.  Partnering with influencers of audiences they wish to crossover to should be done respectfully. Ensuring that the same partnerships are also made available to black influencers. 

According to research by Nielsen on black women and spending, the following was noted:

  • Black women increasingly influence culture in several areas including fashion, being more likely than non-Hispanic White women to be influenced by what’s hot and what’s not, to agree their fashion style is trendy, and to buy brands that reflect their style.
  • Interestingly, Black women are more than twice as likely as non-Hispanic White women to agree that a celebrity endorsement might influence them to consider or buy a product, and likewise more than twice as likely to agree that when a celebrity designs a product, they’re more likely to buy it.

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I’m trying really hard as a black consumer to not hop on the cancel culture bandwagon, but to instead give brands a chance to self correct before finding an alternative to them altogether.  Black owned brands can ignore us or our outgrow us at their own peril. Hopefully, they will include us on their growth journey. 

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