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Black Girl Magic: Why I Can’t Get Enough of It and Why the World Needs It

Black Girl Magic a concept that was genius to began with and birthed by CaShawn Thompson. Black Girl Magic, when on display is a reminder of our greatness. It is a reminder of our brilliance and just how far we can go when we take the limits off;  whether they are self imposed or not. The concept and later creation of the hash tag, #BlackGirlMagic caused a bit of controversy.

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Photo: Janelle Monae



Too often non black people have attempted to  drive the narrative surrounding black women and their blackness. The black woman’s brilliance had to be down played, while others were  free to celebrate the very essence of who they were without feeling like they were threatening anyone.  Her creativity shoved to the back while being forced to digest content about her that was clearly wack is why Black Girl Magic is timely. How dare she  celebrate her  god given beauty, parade around her family, flex her business acumen and own her creativity. The nerve of her!

Black, Girl, Magic, Solange
Photo: Solange Knowles – Billboard

How dare she run  multi-million dollar companies,  drive political opinions and be the first lady of the United States of America? Black Girl Magic that’s how.  The internet has allowed the black woman to magnify her message and not only impact, but empower many other black girls in the process.  No longer will the accomplishments and feats of black women be relegated  to a  crusty old book.   Instead they will be on vivid display with accessibility at ones finger tips.

Issa, Ray, Black, Girl, Magic
Photo: Issa Ray – Chicago Tribune

She will no longer be hushed, like the old usher in church hushes you during a sermon. Nope, her life  will be lived out loud, being both black and proud while spreading some of that Black Girl Magic along the way.   Forever staying out of the box and always sharing her light with world, yep that’s a black girl.

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Photo: Serena Williams-Elle Magazine

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