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Black Excellence: Why Our Light  Must Shine Bright Despite Living In A Country Hell Bent On Dimming It


Black excellence and why our light must shine bright despite living in a country hell ben on dimming it. I’m not even going to mention the powerhouse movie “Hidden Figures.”   

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Before I truly understood the power of black history, I used to feel inferior.  Especially, in high school, then later on entering the workforce.   In  retrospect, it was partly due to the fact that  I was plugged into a system whereby non-blacks validated black peoples worth and brilliance.   Black excellence was hidden.

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Enlightenment came in the most interesting way.  While working at a local college, one of the student’s approached me about being the adviser to the campuses Black Student Union – Harambee. Not knowing what to expect, I agreed. Plus, the students at that time had so much passion and were so full of energy and promise, saying no wasn’t an option.

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Saying yes, was the best decision ever made.  The beginning of my quest to truly learn about black excellence and culture was marked.  Opportunities to sit under elders  filled with information  were plenty and left a major impression on me.  Embracing the fact that, since our arrival on the shores of America, our brilliance had been under attack was pivotal.  It was understood back then that we were created  to dominate in everything we touched.  Science, fashion, music, finance, mathematics, war,  architect,  medicine, entertainment and beauty. Else, the fervent and horrific and attacks against black bodies would not have occurred and would not be an issue currently.

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When one comes to understand a thing, going back inside of a box is no longer  an option.  My head is held high and  I smile at  attempts by others  who try and dim my light! I fully understand the power of the my ancestors and their blood that runs through me. The power of my ancestors is great.   I cling to it. It’s  because of it,  I know  the show must go on. I must keep going and continue to allow my light to shine no matter what. Even if it makes others uncomfortable.   I encourage you to shine on and shine bright. Never let a shallow foe dim your light.  Take care. XOXO

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