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Black Don’t Crack, But It Does Get Ashy! What’s Your Skin Care Regimen?


If you are black, surely you are familiar with the phrase “black don’t crack.” While black people tend to age gracefully, dry skin or “ash” as we call it does not discriminate.

Black Don’t Crack, But It Does Get Ashy! What’s Your Skin Care Regimen? I did not develop a skin care regiment until reaching my late twenties.    Unless you consider soap, water and cocoa butter as a anti skin cracking regiment. Of course, the older I became, my interest in taking better care of  my skin grew. I did not suffer with acne in my teen years. That could be why I started so late, or never really put much energy towards my skin care routine. I was truly the young carefree black girl.

Ashy, Skin, Care, Acne, Black, Women
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Having a skin care routine, especially for your face is a must for any woman or man. Now, I’m no product snob, but I do have my go-to  skin care products.  Lately, to  combat the ash and ensure that my black doesn’t crack, I’ve embraced using Shea butter.  Whipped Shea butter is heavenly, but the non whipped version works just as good. I have found that my butter is the only  product that truly last. I can put it on after a shower and hours later my skin is still moisturized.  Yet, I can’t say the same for lotion though.  You can find Shea butter in your local beauty supply or retail stores. Particularly, if they cater to black brands.Shea, Butter, Alikay, Natuals, Skin, Ashy, Care, Black, Woman

Photo: Alikay Naturals

At the moment I’m using  Shea So Real by Alikay Naturals. I ordered the product from their site, alikaynaturals.com.  Some of their items are available for purchase at Target, CVS and Sally’s Beauty Supply Store.  It’s 100% raw shea butter, so I have to  work it in really good,  but it does wonders for my skin.  In the summer, I don’t use as much because the heat really ensures that it absorbs into the skin nicely.  Plus, I don’t like slipping and sliding in my sandals because I  have too much Shea butter on.   Some people actually mix their Shea butter with their lotion in order to help thin it out some. Personally, I have not tried that.




Alba, Scrub, Face, Body, Skin, Care, Ashy, Black Women
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Now, about this Alba Bontanica: Acne Dote Face and Body Scrub. Shopping in Wally World late one night, I was looking for a nice natural facial scrub. I tried the product on a whim. That was two years ago. I absolutely love this product. It’s non-comedogenic and contains 100%  vegetarian ingredients. I use it every two weeks. It leaves my skin feeling really, really, smooth.  Alba Bontanica has a nice minty fragrance and the price is budget friendly, under ten bucks. I use it after washing  my face  with  Neutrogna naturals.


Facial, Skin, Care, Ashy, Black, Skin, Woman
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Astringent, Face, Skin, Black, Women
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Alba Bontanica also makes a very nice deep cleaning astringent called Acne Dote. The fragrance is very light. I’m really not big on heavily fragranced  products and prefer products without it.  I was under the impression that I had to have acne in order to use these types of products, but that’s not true.  Use whatever product works for you.  Trying to keep that black from cracking and getting ashy requires some work. Thankfully, we have melanin in our skin to give us another layer of protection against UV light from the sun.  but, we still must protect it.

Skin, Care, Face, Woman, Ashy, Black
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Target’s Up and Up oil-free facial moisturizer for sensitive skin is another great product that I use often ( I’m not getting paid to say this).  It’s comparable to Neutrogena’s brand, but at a fraction of the price. On my last product run, in haste I picked up the moisturizer without sun screen. Psst… we need sunscreen.  Living in Florida does have its perks, but the sun can be brutal on the skin.  Remember, we are trying to ward of that ashy skin.   I know I’ve shared my product favorites with you. However, there is one item that should  be universal to everyone’s skin care regimen and that’s drinking plenty of water.  Your skin is 64% water.  So, you want to be sure to hydrate often.

Alright, I have shared some of my favorites drop yours in the comment section. Keep your skin flawless.  Don’t let your black crack and don’t get caught out here in these streets being ashy.

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