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Blac Chyna Needs to Cancel her Mama…Here’s Three Reasons Why


Blac Chyna has a new reality show on Zeus, The Real Blac Chyna, and I’m not sure why. For one, she’s boring as hell. For two, we pretty much know everythang that we need to know about this woman.

Even the people on the show are boring too. Not to mention, the toxicity that she has with her jealous mama Tokyo. I’m not quite sure why this is even TV worthy, but since they say it is let’s discuss.

In the first episode, we were able to see just how envious Tokyo’s old ass is of her daughter. Sadly, while Chyna was tryna diffuse the situation & stay calm, her mama just wasn’t letting it die. It appears that she just wanted to argue about something. From the way she entered into the room & how she even spoke of her daughter, it was quite sad.

I know folks try to hold on to their family members and especially their parents. But, if Chyna decided to cancel her mama and send her back to the hotel she came from, I wouldn’t be mad.

Here are three reasons why Chyna needs to cancel her mama.


Ya know? People always act like parents don’t have to respect their kids—especially in the Black community. You can’t even give a rebuttal without it being said that one is talking back. 

The DC native was highly disrespectful. She was in Tokyo’s face, throwing her shoe to hit her, and called her a ‘b!tch.’ As a matter of fact, Tyga’s baby mama was blatantly disrespected and constantly taunted in her own home. No, ma’am!

2. Chaotic

From the moment Tokyo appeared on the screen until she left her daughter’s house, there was nothing but pure chaos. She was just mad at everythang but really nothing at all.

She talks about her daughter like she’s someone off the street. I mean, if I didn’t know any better, these are two gal pals that are going through a situation and one is upset and jealous.

3. No boundaries

There are clearly no boundaries to what Tokyo will do on TV, social media, and in real life. She has no personal restraint and is very dangerous. This type of person will jeopardize what someone else worked for. Just an adult who throws temper tantrums & she’s too old for that.

Blac Chyna needs to dead this situation because her mother is clearly jealous of her. We all know that there’s no growth in jealousy & she needs to seek therapy. As much as I love Iyanla, this is one story that shouldn’t be seen on TV.

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