Big Girl Panties

When friends fall out, it can get ugly real quick.    However, I have learned that  if you truly value your friendship,  then “putting on those big girl panties” is a must.   Owning up to your part in the fall out, is just the mature thing to do; instead of trying to justify your actions.  The later part used to be hard for me. But once I realized my fault in a situation, owning up become a  lot easier.   Maturing in friendships is important because, if not we revert back to  high school behavior. You know, insisting that your friend not talk to someone that you aren’t cool with, etc.    Failing to address small beefs in a friendship isn’t healthy either.    For example you may have a friend that gets distant when she is in a relationship.  But the moment the relationships goes sour,  she starts coming back around.  You never address the issue head on, but instead make slick comments about the people she dates. Your slick comments are interpreted as jealousy. The next thing you know,  the friendship is strained and the two of you aren’t cool anymore. When a simple, hey – I  don’t like how you get distant when you have a new boo type of talk,  would have nipped the issue in the bud.

Carrying an offense that occurred years ago is very taxing.  Acknowledge the issues head on, address them respectfully then forgive accordingly.  Sometimes, we are closer to our friends than our own relatives. So, if your cherish your friendships, I’m going to need you to reach on in the top drawer and put on a pair of your big girl panties when issues arise.

Take care! Xoxo

  1. Acknowledge the issues head on
  2. Address issues respectfully
  3. Forgive accordingly.



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