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Beyonce’s Historic Coachella Performance Featuring Jay-Z and Destiny’s Child

Coachella, Beyonce, Beychella
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My initial Reaction-Honey, they don’t call her Queen Bey for nothing. Beyonce’s performance as the first black woman to headline Coachella was unapologetically black, brilliant and a wig snatcher for sure! From opening up with the Negro National Anthem to strongly representing HBCUs, She set the tone. The moment she stepped on the platform and walked that runway as only she can, I knew she didn’t come to play.

Beyonce shut it down! We missed her as much as she has missed us! The bonus for the night was when Kelly and Michelle joined her on stage. Boom, just like that we had Destiny’s Child right before our eyes. Talk about a performance. They were in synch and looked good. Black don’t crack honey! Quiet as it’s kept, I’m glad I still have a darn pulse.
If I don’t get to see her this year, trust me I’m good. That was one heck of a performance. Job well done Mrs. Carter and welcome back Destiny’s Child.

Post Coachella Performance -Now that I have collected my thoughts, edges, and pulse and have been been released, I can share my full Beyonce` experience. That was the performance of a lifetime. For those of you who think she’s overrated, please don’t even bother reading. Beyonce` continues to evolve and raises the bar in the process. I’m loving the unapologetically black messaging of her brand. From representing HBCU’s, BBW’s, and Black creatives, to featuring Pro Black imagery and artist, she get’s it.

The joy I experienced watching her Coachella performance was the same as watching Black Panther. Despite a once troubled marriage, miscarriages and criticism, she continues to rise like the Phoenix and maintain her rightful title as Queen. She has a beautiful family, a stellar career and a hustle that remains unmatched.

And another thing, for those with the slick comments concerning Jay. She forgave him, end of story. May she without every taking a cheating lover back cast the first stone!  Women are criticized unfairly for wanting to make their relationships work. Sweep around your front door, before you sweep around someone else’s.

Too often women are made to feel like they have to choose between raising a family or having a career. Beyonce’s demonstrates that you can have both and do both very well. She has managed to escape the trap of being in someones shadow. She proudly proclaims she is Mrs. Carter, but we all know that Beyonce comes before that last name. She has her own money despite having an ultra successful husband. She is black excellence, she is black girl magic, she is was it looks when we reclaim our culture, embrace our femininity and power as women and celebrate it unhindered and I’m here for it!

Thank you for giving those skilled muscians a platform. Thank you for displaying the fact that we come in all shapes and sizes, you did that as only you could. Greatness is often imitated, but never duplicated.
I love when she shared that she was the “First black women to headline Coachella”, then quipped “Aint that bout a bitch”. That’s okay though, Coachella gone learn today!

Despite the populairty of black artist they are not afforded the same spaces an non black artisits. However, times are changing and as music festivles become more popular and important, hopefully those spaces will expand. Thanks to Essence Fest for holding it down. #BeyChella #Coachella18 #BeyHive


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