I mentioned in my  Facebook live post earlier in the week, about the important of remembering to have fun and experience life.  I also shared how watching my granddaughter enjoy her party reminded me that I had forgotten how to have fun.   I firmly believe that there is nothing wrong with being an ambitious, driven, goal and results oriented type of person. However, in the mist of being all of those things,  you can  miss the beautiful moments in life.  I shared how I had to schedule “fun”. I  have heard people say often, “work hard now, so that you can play hard later”, this is true. Yet,  working so hard until you are so worn out that you don’t want to “play hard later” is not wise.   I’m learning the journey of entrepreneurship does not stop.  I have often said, that getting a masters degree was easy compared to  starting and managing my own business.  When you are in school everything has been prepared. You simply need to show up and execute.  If executed properly you will have your degree at the end.  Entrepreneurship not so much.  You can show  up, plan and execute and still find yourself asking, what did I do wrong?  Nevertheless, in the mist of my journey, I have made a promise to myself to have fun in the process. I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor.   I hope you will join me in doing the same.   Take care. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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