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Babies Are Big Business: Darlyng & Co.

Babies are big business. According to BabyMed, the baby-product industry generates $23 billion in sales each year. Darlyng & Co is here to let the world know they have a firm seat at that table and are looking to enlarge their territory.  Imagine having a child to start teething early, but aren’t able to hold a teething ring to help soothe their gums. That perfect storm is what birthed Darlyng & Co. Unable to locate a suitable product for their child, the couple got to work and developed what is now considered their signature product the – Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten.
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L to R:Sherrill Mosee, Minkeeblue Inventor and Tara Darnley, Darlyng & Co. Creator
Currently, Darylng & Co are in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign  for their newest item. In collaboration with Minkeeblue the team have created a diaper/travel bag.   Co-Founder Tara Darnely has also launched  a Podcast and Facebook Group – Dreams Inspire Reality in order to encourage and empower creatives that are looking to “turn their dreams into reality.”   Find out more about this phenomenal company from our interview. 
JM: What inspired you to start your business?
D&C: Darlyng & Co. was inspired by our daughther who began teething at only two-months old and was not able to hold traditional teethers.
JM: Who does your business service?
D&C: Our brand is a lifestyle children’s brand that manufacture and sell toys and baby essentials.
JM: What are you most passionate about?
D&C: I’m passionate about bringing safer baby essentials to the marketplace.
JM: What business/organization accomplishment are you most proud of?
D&C: The most recent accomplishment we are proud of is being named one of Black Enterprise Finalist for Small Family Business of the Year 2018 and for bringing an idea to the marketplace that didn’t exist.
JM: Did you face any obstacles in starting; if so, how did you overcome them?
D&C: Certainly, when we started I had no business background and so I had to learn everything on my own with very little resources I had access to at the time. I did not have a choice to fail and so I figured it all out as I went along, from filing and securing our patents and trademarks. It was all worth it in the long run.
JM:  If you could leave some words of wisdom with the readers what would they be?
D&C: In my facebook group Dreams Inspire Reality, I always share that all the success we’ve had is simply by executing. Every opportunity we’ve had is because we’ve taken action. To turn your dreams into reality you must strategically take action everyday to get there.
JM: Where do you see your business in five years?
D&C: We are growing Darlyng & Co. daily to become a go-to lifestyle baby brand for parents as we continue to add to our product line items that will save them time and money.
JM: Please describe any upcoming or annual events that you host.
D&C:  Dreams Inspire Reality Podcast
Date and Time: Weekly on Thursdays
Platforms: Itunes, Google Play, and Stitcher
JM: Please describe any products that  you  are currently offering and the link to purchase them. 
D&C:  Our latest project is a collaboration with Minkeeblue and owner Sherrill Mosee for an organizational diaper/travel bag for Moms. We are currently seeking funding through crowdfunding to raise $15k to bring your patented innovative bag to market.  You can purchase our bag for an additional 30% off at bit.ly/securemybag
Social Media Handles:
Contact Information:
Email Address: info@darlyngandco.com
Phone Number: 929-376-8584

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