AWIA’s Women Empowerment Cruise: Authentic Bonds


AWIA, Women, EmpowermentAlright, so the weekend is over with and it’s back to that weekday grind!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend because I know I did.  Marcela Paschal of Elite Visions hosted the Inaugural  AWIA’s Women Empowerment Cruise.  If I had to sum up the entire event with one statement that statement would be,  authentic women – building authentic bonds. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We supported one another in business endeavors and had some great moments of transparency.  During our speakers session Rachael “The Credit Lady”  dropped some major nuggets revolving around credit and financing. Listen, if you are looking for a person to teach you about how to allow the credit system to work for you and not against you, she’s your person. Empowerment Coach, Author, and Speaker Michelle Greene Rhodes  spoke about the major threats  to women’s health and how to use preventative care as a  tool to take charge of ones health. I shared a message with the group as well, concerning the importance of staying focused while on your journey to greatness.

AWIA, Empowerment
Photo; President of AWIA Marci Paschal

We laughed, cried and danced together.  Moment’s like this drown out the noise about the lack of support from  peers. I encourage you as you head into your 2018, seek to  make authentic bonds and connections, especially in business.

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