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Are You Committed Financially to Your Dream of Starting A Business?


Are you making your dream of starting a business a financial priority?  When you are strapped for cash, making  your dreams a priority can seem almost impossible. Or, maybe you’re not strapped for cash, but your discretionary income is tied up in non essentials purchases.

For every thought you have about investing in your dream, a bill is there as a subtle reminder of life’s responsibilities.  Or maybe it’s that cute pair of shoes you have had your eyes on. It’s not impossible, in most cases you have to shift your spending or pick up some extra streams of income (second job) in order to make things happen. If picking up a second job isn’t an option for you, then shifting around some money in your budget may be the answer.

dreams, goals, life, entreprenuership

For example, if you need business cards, instead of getting your nails done, for the week, put that money towards your business cards. Or  put the money towards your nails to the side until you have accumulated enough to get what you need done.   Swap out your cable for a fire stick or android box. The money saved from having a cable bill could go towards your start-up funds Cut down on going and eating out. Both can get very costly when you do the math.

Whatever dreams you have, if you are not committed to them financially, it will show. Don’t be afraid to use free or low cost tools and resources. Start where you are. Fancy websites, business cards, and logos look good, but they also cost money.

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Excellent resources that may help you save a few coins include, Vista Print- for print and marketing materials; Canva- for graphic designing; Fiverr – for just about everything you can name; and Mail Chimp – for newsletter and mailing list management.

To stay focused, make a list of items you need for your dream,then refer to that list like you do your bills when its time to pay them. Making your dream a financial priority can help reduce those self inflicted barriers towards success. If it’s worth having, then it must be worth the sacrifice. Take care, xoxo


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