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Are Your Pads, Tampons and Panty Liners Making You Sick?

While strolling through those Target streets, I stumbled upon a unique brand of feminine products. L. is the brand and their products are free of  harsh chemicals typically contained in feminine products-which I didn’t even know existed.  Seriously,  those products need labeling like cigarets. What is this world coming to? Pads, tampons and panty liners are now threats to women’s health. Geez!


Tampons, Feminine, Products, Period

Nevertheless, I like the brand. I didn’t get any minor irritations like I used to with the other brand. They also hold very well. I’m usually heavy on the first couple of days. The pads, tampons and panty liners  are all really soft to the touch. Their price point was the same and in some cases a little better, especially for their painty liners. In my opinion, this is  a great brand for young girls just getting their period, because they don’t have to expose their maturing bodies to the harsh chemicals. To find out more about the brand visit here 


Feminine, Period, Organic

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