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Access Denied: You Can’t Sit Here!


A couple of times a week, I meet up with my homegirls and we put in work, while having good conversations. Today, we spoke about how people want access to you, and when they can’t have it, they end up disliking you and it made me think.

People conveniently miss the struggle part, before they see you. As soon as it is perceived, you have some clout or level of popularity, everybody wants access to you.

From inviting themselves to your invite-only events to randomly asking you for money, people are bold and have the gaul to request and sometimes demand access to you.

As a 31-year-old woman, I just don’t understand why people think like this. To me, it’s like forcing yourself into a clique in high school and not connecting on authenticity.

People have to understand and respect that they have no say so on who gets your energy and when.

You never know what people go through to get to where they are. To expect to just show up, once they are growing or have reached a certain moment, is asinine.

A lot of times, these people are vibrating hella low in life, have ulterior motives, and are more of a liability than anything else. There are too many wack ass folks, who want access to extraordinary people.

This ain’t even on some mean girl type stuff. I firmly believe you must be self aware enough to discern who should have access to you and who should not. If you don’t, you’ll be getting connected to the wrong people, who could potentially bring you down.

So, you can’t sit here. Move ‘round!

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