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Why I absolutely Love the Black Out Day Hashtag – #blackoutday

Apparently there is this hashtag floating around. I was up last night in those twitter streets and rolled up on the #blackoutday hashtag and I absolutely love it.  It is a hashtag where people are being unapologetically black and beautiful and it has me all in my feels. Check out or contribute when you get a moment. Here are few of my favorites:

Hashtag, Black, Out, Day, Twitter
Photo: Twitter


Black, Out, Day, Twitter, hashtag
Photo: Twitter

I’m always here for a good #hashtag.  Twitter as always does not disappoint and I love it.  Twitter can be ruthless at times, especially  black Twitter; but this right here, is absolutely cool.

Black, Out, Day, Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Don’t forget to check out #blackoutday or contribute.

Blackout, Hashtag, Twitter, #blackout
Photo: Twitter
Black, Out, Twitter, Hashtag,
Photo: Twitter


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